Celebrity Inspired Dresses

Our beloved Hollywood celebs and Royal ladies, not only inspire us with their magnificent jewels, but also with their most fashionable dresses. We look forward to seeing them wearing beautifully embellished dresses in various ceremonies, award functions and other occasions when they socialize and display their style statement.

Some of their outfits inspire us for long and we tend to drape ourselves in similar looking glamour. Without further ado, let’s check out some of the most recent dresses which will continue to inspire us for long:

Kristina Bazan’s Golden Gown

Kristina Bazan’s Golden Gown

She wore beautifully golden colored dress (same color from top to bottom). It was full sleeved and she definitely stood out of the crowd in Cannes Film Festival 2015. Her liquid gold body-con gown not only inspired us, but also Kylie Kardashian, who wore similar looking dress for ESPY awards 2015.

Kylie Kardashian

Kendall Jenner:

Kendall Jenner:

Known for her unique taste in dress and jewelry, she displayed the same on Paris Fashion Week 2015. She wore a stylish bridal suit. Her dress was all white and had an interesting mix of traditional and contemporary styles. She accessorized her dress with dapper heels, long veil and floral hair adornment.

Naturi Naughton:

Naturi Naughton:

The bright and colorful printed dress of hers is an interesting example to break the black and white code in award functions. She wore this bright dress for BET awards 2015 and accessorized it with golden clutch, green bracelet and big and bold studs. Her high bun accentuated her style statement.

Vanessa Hudgens:
Vanessa Hudgens:

For the Tony awards 2015, the gorgeous lady chose to wear summer warm colors and floral patterns in her dress. Her floral gown with an open back made the heads turn as she appeared. Golden clutch, dangle earrings and beautiful rings complemented and complimented her outfit.

These dresses and their style have inspired us for future fashion trends. Which one did you like the most and why? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Size Should Not Matter When it Comes to Fashion

Fashion is not restricted to silhouette figure. Even the plus size now can pull it the right way with right style and fit. To beautifully translate the latest trends in fashion, get creative by adding an element to your clothing.

Different Styles for Chic Look:

To make your curve beautiful, the combination of black and white in clothing makes the right choice. Whether you choose stripes or a pattern with vertical detailing, it will make your curve look perfect. One of the clothing styles that enhance your curvy figure is jumpsuit. Wear it for any occasion with the best matching jewelry to get the chic look.


One can also go for harem pants and tops that are another best option to wear for plus sizes. Another addition to make to your wardrobe would be Culottes. Flare out the bottom instead of making it too tight at the waistline or thighs. Wear it with high heels to look more stylish.


The other style that you can pull off this season would be the shirtdress. The shirtdress with flare will accentuate your look. To make a bold fashion statement, wear a white shirtdress with matching footwear and jewelry.

Sizing and Shaping:


Many find it daunting, when it comes to sizing of their dresses. Be confident in playing around with the sizing of your attire. Some sizes will fit you better than others. However, it is important that you are comfortable while wearing that dress. The portion that requires attention is waistline, which needs to be in the right place.

Colors and Combination:


For a bold look always choose bright colors like red, green and orange. Though many prefer to stick to traditional black and white combination, you can also use a combination of bright colors that will add a dramatic touch to your appearance. Team them up with beautiful pair of heels and the look that you thought to be a dream.

Accessorize Yourself:

To complement your dress, it is necessary to pick the right jewelry, footwear and accessory to go with it. If you feel the outfit is speaking your style, then choose minimal jewelry. A sophisticated pendant, sleek ring and dazzling earrings will add glam to your style quotient. Add a twist to your overall appearance with a cool fringe purse.


So, if you are an ardent follower of fashion, then go forward and create your own style. Do not worry about your size.

Interesting Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is May 10. It is just a few days left and many of you must have started searching best last minute gift options. Whether you are buying a gift for mom, soon-to-be mom, new mom or grandma, our special guide to last minute gifts will definitely make your job easy, fun and more relevant.

Sparkling and everlasting, fine gemstone jewelry is a remarkable gift for Mother's Day. As gemstones and precious metal are believed to have mystical powers, your jewelry gift becomes more sensible. You can choose a Mother's pendant customized with your choice of birthstones or a gold ring engraved with a special message. Fine gemstone jewelry is a timeless gift every woman loves to receive. I would suggest to choose genuine gemstone jewelry over faux or imitation pieces because, faux gemstones don't possess the natural powers and they even look cheap.

You can look at online stores to get your Mother's Day jewelry gift on time. The shipping dates and delivery time are clearly mentioned on each product page. So when you choose an item, check yourself if it has assured delivery before Mother's Day. This store is also giving special discounts and assured gifts for Mother's Day.
Home Decor:
Every mom loves to decorate her house. Therefore, a gift suitable for her home is best for Mother's Day. A carved side table, a tapestry or designer bed covers and curtains, options are many. You can check stores like overstock for unlimited options and great discounts.
Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts- Home Decor Items

Kitchen Appliances:
A gift of help is best for a mom. If you can't spend more time in kitchen with her, get her a handy kitchen appliance she was looking for a long time. Kitchen storage items, dinner sets and bake ware are amazing Mother's Day gift options.
Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts - Kitchen Appliances

Techno Gifts:
A smartphone, a tablet or a new Kindle Paperwhite from are good for a techno savvy mom. A smart watch, a Bluetooth car audio or an activity tracker are other amazing tech gifts for mom.
Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts- Techno Gifts

All these gift options are amazing and can be bought at eleventh hour as many online stores are offering guaranteed Mother's Day delivery.

Joan Collins has a big day

Our beloved British actress and columnist Joan Collins celebrated a great day. She was honored as Dame Commander of British Empire. Honorable Duke of Britain, Prince Charles presented her with the award. The 81 year old actress looked youthful and elegant and she earned her title for the charity she made and great work she did in the field of arts.


It is interesting to know that the family of Jaon was excited and was present at Buckingham palace. Husband, Percy Gibson; daughter, Tara and son, Sasha Newley extended their love and warmth and were seen feeling excited and thrilled.

Joan Collins with her family

After winning the accolade, she said, “I am so thrilled. This is extraordinary. It is something I never ever would have expected. I am terribly, terribly honored. I really am, and I hope I can live up to what bring a dame means”. Her happiness could be well noticed on her face as she carried herself with sheer grace and charm. After a while, she expressed her journey of acting in these words, “I was not anything I ever aspired to. I just wanted to be a jobbing actress, a working actor and somebody who could still perform”.

Dame Joan Collins received a Dameship

The classic actress kept her dress classy as well. She chose the evergreen combination of white and black color. While she wore a spotless white dress, her silk hand gloves and wrist band were black. While her ultra fashionable hat was white, the net veil was black in color. The matching heels were a combination of black and white.

We wish her luck and love and congratulate her for the great achievement!

Michelle Obama Stimulates Black Women

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re walking to keep walking, eventually you will make progress.” These inspiring words come from the current President of the US, Barack Obama. Living up to spirit of being the President’s wife and First Lady of America, Michelle Obama, instigated a sense of heroism and nobility among black women at Black Girls Rock Event, happened in New Jersey, last week. It is an annual event that honors women of color from all disciplines and uplift individuals who find it difficult to remain positive and stand against color prejudice.
Michelle Obama declares 'Black Girls Rock
Though the evening was packed with several big names from the entertainment industry such as Will Smith, Jill Scott, Estelle, and others, Lady Obama brought the most driving momentum to the stage.    While educating and enlightening black women, she celebrated their dusky, bold looks and the grace they all carry.
Obama spent some mirth moments with the black audiences present at the event. She entreated young black girls to be fearless and recognize their strengths. She also mentioned, "No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are beautiful.” Further stimulating the black beauties, Michelle said, “I am so proud of you. My husband, your president, is so proud of you."  Presenting an illustration of anti-colorism (discrimination on the basis of skin color), Obama dressed in an off-shoulder snowy white outfit with some silver sparkles dangling from her ears. It was a splendid fusion of black and white though. She gracefully spread the message, “Black girls rock!”
Michelle Obama Outfit in Black Girls Rock award ceremony
Revering the endeavors of women in black, there were gorgeous females like Pinkett Smith, Ava DuVernay, who received respective admirations and awards for their contributions. Will Smith recognized the worth and excellent work of his singing star wife, Jada Pinkett as she received Star Power Award.
Actress Jada Pinkett Smith with the Star Power award onstage
Likewise, there were many such thrilling and sentimental stories and speeches voiced out on the stage, all paying tribute and rewarding the persistence of black women. Honestly, there is nothing as color bigotry. None other than our President and his wife can prove this fact as they see everyone equal and firmly advocate the black girls to gain right education and fame. What’s your say on this?
Share your thoughts about biasing on the basis of color? Are black people still denied of their civil rights?

Jason and Brittany are Finally Married!

There is no wedding held in Hollywood world that creates no interest in the public; yet there are few of them which create a sizzling sensation and we are left speechless. The recent marriage held here is surely the one which has given way to a lot of gossips and different people are reacting in different way.

Newlywed Couple Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr

We are talking of none other than Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr. American Idol fame Brittany dated an already married man and a father of two girls. This love triangle is often regarded as a scandal and she is believed to be a relationship breaker. They both met in 2012 and dated for two years before stepping into marriage. Jason divorced his first wife, Jessica in order to do so.

The couple got engaged in September 2014 and married in March 2015. It is interesting to know that they both threw a pool side party for their friends and expressed their love publicly by kissing each other openly. For the wedding, they chose beach and everything was perfectly arranged. The white cushioned seats perfectly complemented the white sparkling beach sand. White canopied altar was there to exchange the vows. While the groom wore a perfect tan suit, the bride wore a stylish yet sophisticated white gown which elegantly exposed her back.

Brittany Kerr Wedding with Jason Aldean

It was a small wedding party including just a few of close friends and family. Jason’ both the daughters from previous marriage attended the party as well. The couple was so happy that they said it to be their ‘best day ever’!

Ideas for Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is a religious and cultural holiday celebrated every year on March 17. Named after the patron saint of Ireland, it celebrates the arrival of Christianity in the country as well as the Irish culture and heritage. While the festival has Irish origin, it is globally celebrated. So if you are an Irish at heart or like to know how to celebrate the day like an Irish, here are few ideas to help you.


Know the History:

Learning a little about the story behind the grand celebration would make it more meaningful and fun. So explore the history behind the festival. You can search the web to find the details. Sites like National Geographic and History channel have plenty of material to read. For a quick overview, here is brief about the festival.

St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland has been credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. He was born to a British family but was kidnapped by Irish raiders. Sold to slavery at an early age, he turned to God to endure his time. After six years as a slave, he escaped, returned home and became a priest.

Finishing his religious learning, he came to Ireland, became the second bishop and started spreading Christianity. St. Patrick's teaching and methods were unique and thus widely accepted by the indigenous people. He included Christian teachings with native culture. For example, St. Patrick used a shamrock to explain the Trinity and included the religious symbol of Sun to Christian cross, thus creating a new symbol of faith widely known now as Celtic cross.

Although, St. Patrick's Day has been observed as a religious festival in Ireland over thousands of years, it was only after 1970 that the day became a symbol of Irish heritage.

Find the Facts:


Every festival has some unbelievable facts associated with it. St. Patrick's Day is no exception to the truth. It is widely known for its Irish heritage but many people do not know that St. Patrick was not an Irish. In addition, the color of St. Patrick's Day was originally blue. It was because Ireland has plenty of greenery, the national color became green. Another surprising fact of Irish culture is that shamrock was not the symbol of the country. It was a harp.

Go Green:

St. Patrick's Day celebration is incomplete without including green to your looks. Mostly green outfits are used to show the spirit of the festival. You can choose a green dress or just a t-shirt with Irish symbols to show the spirit of the day.


A leprechaun costume is wonderful if you are particularly feeling festive. It is easy to get a green hat with white stockings and fake red beard.



If all green is not your choice, try accessorizing with green. Anything like shamrock buttons, pins or green jewelry are wonderful ways to express the fun side of the festival. Emerald jewelry like Celtic knot, Claddagh ring or a four-leaf clover pendant is a nice choice for the celebration.

Other Ways to Celebrate:


Join the parade, eat Irish food and listen to some Irish songs to indulge into the spirit of the Irish festival. Learning some Irish phrases and words will be wonderful. You will feel more rooted in that way.

Steps to Buy Sapphire Ring for Women’s Day



Christmas 2014 - Ultimate Gift Guide for Her

Christmas is knocking at the door and one thing you should get done is your gift shopping. It comes only once a year and it’s worth taking all the time and trouble so plan something nice for those you love. There are many possibilities especially if you’re looking for Christmas presents for women. 

Christmas Gifts for Her

A sure way of winning her would be with a brand new dress from her favorite store or designer. If you don’t want to go wrong with your choice ask her to accompany you and choose something she likes. Believe me it is an easy and definite way of pleasing her. 

For someone who loves to read get a rare book she’s always wanted. If you want a simpler way out pick one of her favorite authors but make sure she doesn’t already have it. If she enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes a cookbook would be a good idea or you can even sign her up for the classes she wants to attend.  
Books and Latest Gadgets Christmas Gifts for Her

A lot of women enjoy the latest in technology and if she’s one of them then the latest gadget would make her squeal in delight. Do a little homework and understand what she really likes so you know exactly what to look for. 

If she loves to travel and explore new places then plan a trip that she can take. Get to know her dream destination and plan a wonderful holiday that she will thoroughly enjoy. 

traveling favorite place christmas gifts for her

For a quiet time with her alone book a place for the two of you at her favorite restaurant. Let the staff know you wish to make it extra special for her and plan some little treats and surprises throughout the evening to keep her in good humour. 

A collection of photographs with family and friends is another very sentimental present that any woman will love. Carefully sieve through the stacks and pick the very best that you know will warm her heart.
Christmas Unlimited Gifts for Her
A Christmas hamper with the choicest chocolate, cheese and wine is always safe and ideal if she enjoys good food. 

It is actually not about the thing but the thought that she looks for in any present. So this Christmas make a little effort to scout for the perfect present. It will be worth every effort when you see her face light up with genuine joy.

Celebrity Inspired Holiday Style

Getting your favorite celebrity look is a great dressing idea for holiday parties. Celebrities are always inspiring and especially when it's about fashion, most of us want to be like a star at the red carpet. So this holiday season, why don't you dress like your favorite celebrity? You do not require a Versace or Armani dress for that but selecting the right accessory can also turn you into the celebrity you wanted to be. Here are two DIY celebrity costume ideas to help you live the star status at the upcoming Thanksgiving feast.

Kate Middleton:

'The People's Princess' is well known for her simple yet splendid style. Kate knows the perfect way to look glamorous without spending multiple dollars. She is thrifty and never afraid of recycling her dresses and jewelry. Therefore, it is easy to dress like the princess. Choose a coatdress in blue, green or grey with matching hat and get a ring inspired by that signature blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring with a pair of pearl dangles like those worn by her at many occasions. With minimal make-up, shiny open locks and a pair of wedges, you are ready like the princess.


Angelina Jolie:

The modern Cleopatra of Hollywood always carries a look so classy that everyone wants to replicate. Carry the elegance with sensuality, bring out your LBD or a flowing green gown, half swept your hair and add a pair of emerald earrings to be like the party beauty. For much resemblance, you can try some temporary tattoos.


Dressing like your favorite celebrity is so easy and its fun too. While you will find the dress in your wardrobe or at the nearest mall, I would suggest getting fine jewelry. It is because the real gemstone jewelry always has an appraisal value and it is timeless. Not just the holiday party but you can wear it ever after. I have picked these celebrity-inspired jewels from store, which has a remarkable selection of fine gemstone jewelry. The store is also offering great discounts and exclusive free jewelry gifts for Thanksgiving Day. That ways you have a great chance to get your favorite celebrity inspired jewelry at a value found never before. 

Celebrate a Meaningful Thanksgiving

“Be thankful for what you have; you will end up having more.” The time has come again when you get a full day to thank Lord for this lovely life of human and also your loved ones who have been the inspiration of living in good and sad times.

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a holiday to acknowledge the secret presence of Almighty in our lives, for a bountiful harvest before the winter season. Carrying out something meaningful keeps the spirit of the day alive. Celebrating the occasion with friends and relatives and valuing their companionship by exchanging gifts is quite evocative. However, connecting with Mother Earth and its natural elements is much more exciting.

This Thanksgiving, feel grateful for the beauty of Nature. It will indeed make a difference in your celebration. 

There are numerous ways of showing your gratitude.  You could plan a road trip to some forest or wildlife century and appreciate the golden hues of fallen leaves. Cherish the existence of birds and animals on the planet or simply take a walk on the countryside with your kids. Let your children learn the traditions and values behind celebrating the occasion.

Do some spiritual learning and meditate before in the rising light of the Sun.

Starting your day with such relaxing outdoor activities, you can arrange for a theme party in the evening. Ask your guests to arrive in demeanors that relate to the environment in one or the other way. Decorate the party hall with components found in the natural environment.

Organic colors of the spectrum are good to go in your dresses; grass green, ocean blue, sunny yellow, rosy red, snowy white can be excellent pickups. Adorning your outfit with floral and animal jewelry is also a great idea to turn up in the party.

Charming and refined jewels, consisting of nature-based designs and vivid gemstones, can be the real companions to pay tribute to our Mother Earth. You can even carry accessories related to the theme such as floral headbands and headdresses. All this will make your holiday more glorious than ever before.

Online Shopping: The Ultimate Solution to Black Friday Mishaps

A record breaking online sales was witnessed in the last year holiday season. Every newspaper and magazine talked about the revenue that the e-commerce had mustered on the occasions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This was indeed a win-win situation for the online retailers and the shoppers, especially on the day of Black Friday.

It is rightly said that nothing interesting is ever completely one-sided. In a similar way, no matter how exciting the occurrence of Black Friday is, its negatives come as a surprise to you when you face a dreadful situation sometimes (wish this to never happen). Being the biggest shopping calendar day, the holiday suffers from a lot of accidents on the roads. Since everyone is in a hurry to grab the most impressive deals and offers as put on the market, there is an acute probability of road accidents and other adversities in the stores. To avoid such a tragedy on this happy holiday, what else can be a better solution than buying from the virtual world?

Incredible advancement in technology and the growing sagacity among masses have outweighed online holiday sales in the last five years.  In fact, the alternative of online shopping acts as a gratuity on the occasion. You can calmly sit at your home with family and friends and shop for the whole day without any fracas and chaos.

Besides keeping away from all these issues of traffic congestion, parking and long queues at the billing section, you enjoy tons of other benefits while buying your favorite stuff from your laptop screen. Huge collection that might not be available at the local store, warm and friendly customer service, and free home delivery are some of the delightful leverages. Furthermore, you can conveniently prepare for the nearing festivals by being at home and not exhausting your holiday in going out and shopping.

So, make this year the biggest and safest shopping experience of your life; just reap the benefits of upcoming Black Friday discounts in addition to online shopping.

Shopping in a Cybernated World

A tradition that started in the year 2005 has led to a staggered increase in digital shopping, in the last eight years. Monday has gained an altogether different dimension after the announcement of Cyber Monday in America. Where Mondays are always about the work blues, the Monday after Thanksgiving is a go-go shopping day of the year. It is a grand holiday in the United States, which is happily celebrated with laptop or desktops’ screen ;)

Cyeber Moday and Black Friday offers
Right from the Monday Morning, everyone is glued to their computer screens for fetching the best deals and offers of the year. The craze of online shopping has overblown in the mind of every American. Cyber Monday sales have caught up since the day found its identity. Looking from the consumer’s point of view, the emergence of such a shopping Monday is a sensible and well-thought-out interlude form the mortar-store shopping. 

With no hostility for Black Friday, Cyber Monday is just a modern way of having a good shopping time in the post-Thanksgiving weekend. However, in one or the other way, shoppers are saved from the hustles of Black Friday. It is far more secure and quick to buy your favorite things from the virtual world, rather than running across streets and local stores. 

Best Shopping  for Holiday Sesons  offer

From retailer’s outlook, shopping pattern and desires of customers have changed, which in turn, have inclined them towards shopping at ease. Thus, e-commerce businesses have been greasing their elbows to make their websites appear imposing and notable. On this American holiday, they hoard their money drawers with uncountable dollars and also let the shoppers avail big-bang discounts and markdowns on their much-loved festive spending.

Perfect Jewelry Gift Ideas

It is astonishing to see that every single item of your regular or occasional use is obtainable on the web planet. Starting from a designer paper bag to a precious jewel, you can purchase them all with no troubles and tiredness. And to make your purchase more prolific, you are given holidays like Cyber Monday in the year. So make this festive Monday the biggest on record and also in your wardrobe.

Tips on How to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and most of us are looking forward to celebrating it with great excitement and thrill. The fun can increase manifolds when you celebrate it with your friends. It is always exciting to be in group when you are about to do/watch something scary.

Let us read about some of the tips to celebrate Halloween with friends:

1. Haunted Home:

Decorate your home with the scary things and turn it to a haunted house. You can start it right away from the entrance and let your friends enjoy the scary sight.

2. Watch Scary Movies:

It is fun to watch the scary movies anytime, but when Halloween rolls on, the fun is all the more. Put off the lights and watch some of the movies that are your all-time favorite ones with your dear friends.

3. Tell Ghost Stories:


Another interesting idea to celebrate Halloween with friends is to tell and share the ghost stories. These can be personal experiences or the ones that you have heard from other friends or the families. Also, you can include the stories that you saw in TV shows like ‘America’s Most Terrifying Places’.

4. Go to a Haunted House:

No problem if you do not want to turn your own home to a haunted house. You can always go to a haunted house with friends. It will be fun to visit the place which has historical witch stories.

5. Costume Party:

The most common yet the most popular way to celebrate Halloween with friends is to enjoy a costume party. Take out/design your own dress which is scary and amusing. It is interesting to see what your friends wear for the party who dresses up the best.