Celebrate a Meaningful Thanksgiving

“Be thankful for what you have; you will end up having more.” The time has come again when you get a full day to thank Lord for this lovely life of human and also your loved ones who have been the inspiration of living in good and sad times.

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a holiday to acknowledge the secret presence of Almighty in our lives, for a bountiful harvest before the winter season. Carrying out something meaningful keeps the spirit of the day alive. Celebrating the occasion with friends and relatives and valuing their companionship by exchanging gifts is quite evocative. However, connecting with Mother Earth and its natural elements is much more exciting.

This Thanksgiving, feel grateful for the beauty of Nature. It will indeed make a difference in your celebration. 

There are numerous ways of showing your gratitude.  You could plan a road trip to some forest or wildlife century and appreciate the golden hues of fallen leaves. Cherish the existence of birds and animals on the planet or simply take a walk on the countryside with your kids. Let your children learn the traditions and values behind celebrating the occasion.

Do some spiritual learning and meditate before in the rising light of the Sun.

Starting your day with such relaxing outdoor activities, you can arrange for a theme party in the evening. Ask your guests to arrive in demeanors that relate to the environment in one or the other way. Decorate the party hall with components found in the natural environment.

Organic colors of the spectrum are good to go in your dresses; grass green, ocean blue, sunny yellow, rosy red, snowy white can be excellent pickups. Adorning your outfit with floral and animal jewelry is also a great idea to turn up in the party.

Charming and refined jewels, consisting of nature-based designs and vivid gemstones, can be the real companions to pay tribute to our Mother Earth. You can even carry accessories related to the theme such as floral headbands and headdresses. All this will make your holiday more glorious than ever before.