Joan Collins has a big day

Our beloved British actress and columnist Joan Collins celebrated a great day. She was honored as Dame Commander of British Empire. Honorable Duke of Britain, Prince Charles presented her with the award. The 81 year old actress looked youthful and elegant and she earned her title for the charity she made and great work she did in the field of arts.


It is interesting to know that the family of Jaon was excited and was present at Buckingham palace. Husband, Percy Gibson; daughter, Tara and son, Sasha Newley extended their love and warmth and were seen feeling excited and thrilled.

Joan Collins with her family

After winning the accolade, she said, “I am so thrilled. This is extraordinary. It is something I never ever would have expected. I am terribly, terribly honored. I really am, and I hope I can live up to what bring a dame means”. Her happiness could be well noticed on her face as she carried herself with sheer grace and charm. After a while, she expressed her journey of acting in these words, “I was not anything I ever aspired to. I just wanted to be a jobbing actress, a working actor and somebody who could still perform”.

Dame Joan Collins received a Dameship

The classic actress kept her dress classy as well. She chose the evergreen combination of white and black color. While she wore a spotless white dress, her silk hand gloves and wrist band were black. While her ultra fashionable hat was white, the net veil was black in color. The matching heels were a combination of black and white.

We wish her luck and love and congratulate her for the great achievement!