Michelle Obama Stimulates Black Women

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re walking to keep walking, eventually you will make progress.” These inspiring words come from the current President of the US, Barack Obama. Living up to spirit of being the President’s wife and First Lady of America, Michelle Obama, instigated a sense of heroism and nobility among black women at Black Girls Rock Event, happened in New Jersey, last week. It is an annual event that honors women of color from all disciplines and uplift individuals who find it difficult to remain positive and stand against color prejudice.
Michelle Obama declares 'Black Girls Rock
Though the evening was packed with several big names from the entertainment industry such as Will Smith, Jill Scott, Estelle, and others, Lady Obama brought the most driving momentum to the stage.    While educating and enlightening black women, she celebrated their dusky, bold looks and the grace they all carry.
Obama spent some mirth moments with the black audiences present at the event. She entreated young black girls to be fearless and recognize their strengths. She also mentioned, "No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are beautiful.” Further stimulating the black beauties, Michelle said, “I am so proud of you. My husband, your president, is so proud of you."  Presenting an illustration of anti-colorism (discrimination on the basis of skin color), Obama dressed in an off-shoulder snowy white outfit with some silver sparkles dangling from her ears. It was a splendid fusion of black and white though. She gracefully spread the message, “Black girls rock!”
Michelle Obama Outfit in Black Girls Rock award ceremony
Revering the endeavors of women in black, there were gorgeous females like Pinkett Smith, Ava DuVernay, who received respective admirations and awards for their contributions. Will Smith recognized the worth and excellent work of his singing star wife, Jada Pinkett as she received Star Power Award.
Actress Jada Pinkett Smith with the Star Power award onstage
Likewise, there were many such thrilling and sentimental stories and speeches voiced out on the stage, all paying tribute and rewarding the persistence of black women. Honestly, there is nothing as color bigotry. None other than our President and his wife can prove this fact as they see everyone equal and firmly advocate the black girls to gain right education and fame. What’s your say on this?
Share your thoughts about biasing on the basis of color? Are black people still denied of their civil rights?