Lady Gaga Demonstrated Flying Dress

Lady Gaga once again amazed the world with her eccentric choice. After her numerous surprising looks that include her meat dress and Kermit the frog look, Gaga introduced the astronaut in her to the world during the ARTRAVE event.

The unpredictable artist demonstrated her new look at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on the eve of her new album ARTPOP release.

Lady Gaga ARTPOP Album Release and artRave Event

The white astronaut suit, which was named ‘Volantis’ by Gaga was a flying dress. The hovercraft type vehicle has a curvy, female silhouette that served as the dress of Lady Gaga.

Gaga worked on the futuristic dress with designer Nancy and engineer Benjamin. She symbolized Volantis for her. ‘Although she is a vehicle, she is essentially a metaphor for me.”

The extravagant pop singer is famous for her out of the world fashion. Not just her dresses, her makeup and even jewelry speak her experimental and unique character.

She considered Volantis a priceless potential for the world and connected it with the youth all over the world. Gaga through Volantis wants to prove that humans have the great power of imagination, which can make anything possible.

After demonstrating Volantis, Lady Gaga was escorted to Jeff Koons statue exhibition where she unveiled the massive Koons designed white statue with a gazing ball between her legs. The statue is the main focal point of the pop singer’s upcoming album ARTPOP’s cover.

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