Nervous Kanye Designed 3 Rings for the Proposal

The whole world is fondly talking about Kim Kardashain and Kanye’s engagement. Everyone is appreciating the 15 carat flawless diamond ring and looking forward for the grand wedding. But, very few of us are aware, how nervous the rapper was before proposing the actress. He wished to make everything perfect and romantic before proposing the love of his life.


Kanye categorizes his love for Kim as ‘love at the first sight’. He admits that he fell in love with her and wanted to marry her since they met for the first time. And as the time to propose her was approaching near, his nervousness was increasing high. He planned out everything absolutely perfect for the grand proposal.

He hired whole San Francisco's AT&T baseball park to propose her and took care of the feelings of the new mom. He is the man every woman dreams of, as before proposing the lady, he took the permission of Kim’s mom.

engagement ring of kim

Not only this, he was very careful about the ring he chose to propose Kim with. He took services of four designers and shortlisted three rings for the proposal. The ring which he finalized for the purpose was a flawless 15 carat diamond ring. He said he chose a different ring and just the night before the proposal, he replaced his choice and the ring was less than four hours old when it slipped onto the finger of the actress.

Kim and Kanye

Kim expressed the whole scenario as the ‘out of body’ experience and she was shaking all through the proposal. She said she had never thought that Kanye would actually bend down on his knees to ask the question. On being asked about marriage, she said that it will be the way Kanye would like and next summer season may witness it.