Serena Williams Loves Jewelry

The most popular tennis star, Serena Williams is known for her achievements. World’s top ranked tennis player, she is titled as the year’s best player by WTA. 32 year old lady played 82 games this year and won 78 out of them. She is the only woman to receive the top ranking in tennis at the age of 32. Serena is chosen the best player of the year by WTA for the 5th time.
Very few people are aware that she loves jewelry on her body as every other woman does. We all get so much inclined towards her distinctive talent and get busy in watching her playing tennis that we tend to forget that she is also like any other female and likes to adorn herself with beautiful jewelry and fine clothes. She said at an interview that, “I’m a really fun girl. I always think if I weren’t a tennis player I would be a struggling actress or a successful actress.”
We have often spotted her wearing statement necklaces, big rings, bracelets and hoop earrings. Needless to say, she looks stunning in her jewelry. It is also assumed by few people that she carries some of her “good luck” jewelry to the tennis court. When she won the Wimbledon for the 3rd time in 2009, a little credit was also given to her large diamond heart pendant, bracelet and hoop earrings!
Though, it is a matter of debate whether these jewelry are her good luck charm or not, but one thing is for sure that the tennis star looks lovely on and off the court in her sensuous jewelry!