Cherish Year after Year

Celebrating anniversaries by giving ring gifts to your female life partners is a custom that had been handed down from the ancient Egypt period. The royal kings of that era used to express their love and devotion towards their wife through eternal and precious jewelry items. Rings are the traditional gifts to celebrate the most pious and romantic moments of life, and they have become the most modern presents to honor each other on achieving a milestone like anniversary, being together with each other.

Anniversary rings

These ring gifts are now categorized in a separate section of Anniversary rings. Any stone and any metal can be included to be given as a present. Diamond wedding anniversary rings are the most preferred choices. However, gemstone rings have also shown a remarkable presence in this category. Colorful stones, when fitted in different styles, please every woman when she receive it as a gift of her spouse’s unsurpassed and continuously growing love. For every year anniversary, there is a distinct gemstone that holds special significance and thus, the ring is given likewise.

Gemstone anniversary rings are very unique and customized anniversary gifts, which speak volumes about your lovely past, present and future relationship. There are different styles like three, five or seven-stone, full eternity, half-eternity, multi-row, etc. in which an anniversary ring is available in the market. Usually, eternity rings are said to be just the right symbols of a husband’s sentiments and the life he has lived so far, with the support of his wife in happy and sad times. Sapphire, ruby and emerald look magnificent in the eternity fashion; in fact, sapphire anniversary rings are one of the hottest and most stately gifts ever given to a lady.

History and Mystery of Koh-I-Noor Diamond

Koh-I-Noor diamond is undoubtedly the most famous and oldest diamonds of the world. It has a long story where it got passed from one hand to the other and finally, as on today, it belongs to the British Royal family and is part of the Crown Jewels.

History of Koh-I-Noor Diamond

Very few people know the fact that when it was discovered, Koh-I-Noor (mountain of light) was mined with its double, Dayra-E-Noor (sea of light).

Syamantaka mani

It is interesting to know that this diamond was 793 carats when uncut and was mined in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Its original name is said to be the Samantik Mani. It is believed that this diamond was very first talked of about 5000 years ago in a Sanskrit script. Many people believe that this ‘Samantik Mani’ and Koh-I-Noor diamond are the same stones. After this first written document about the diamond, it is not mentioned for the next 4000 years.

Malwa and Mughals time Kohinoor diamond

It came into popularity again when it came to the hands of the royal families and kings of India. Till 1304, this dazzling stone was under the possession of the kings of Malwa, but was not given this name yet. It was only after it came into the hands of the Mughal kings that it got its beautiful and meaningful name. The Mughals ruled various parts of India for more than 200 years and the diamond kept on passing from one generation to other and one ruler to the other. Shah Jahan, popularly known for building the Taj Mahal, got Kohinoor diamond encrusted to his world famous Peacock Throne.

The Mughals kept the Kohinoor with them from 1323 to 1850, and in the year 1851, Lord Dalhousie got it arranged that this was presented to Queen Victoria, the then Empress of India. In the year 1852, Prince Albert ordered the diamond to be cut, in order to increase its brilliance and the gigantic diamond was then reduced to 106 carats. It was then mounted to a tiara, along with 200 other diamonds.

Queen Victoria time Kohinoor diamond

This famous diamond has witnessed many wars and the bloodsheds including the one where a Mughal brother killed his own brother for power and rule.

An ancient Hindu text says that this diamond has curse associated with it and it read like this:

‘He who owns this diamond will own the world,

But will also own all its misfortunes,

Only God or a woman can wear it with impunity’.

It means that though the wearer of the stone will be so powerful that he can rule the world, yet he will also have to bear the misfortunes that this stone will bring along and it is only God or a female who can wear this stone without any ill effects of it. People believe that the Royal family of the Britain was aware of this ill effect and hence when the Kohinoor came into their possession, it has always been possessed by the wife of the male heir to the British Empire.

Why is Diamond So Special?

The mere name of the diamond brings so many adjectives to the mind like rare, durable, beautiful, sparkling, forever, dazzling, love, engagement ring, etc. None of these praiseful words are enough to define this beautiful stone. It is one of the most beautiful and most popular stone of the gemstone kingdom and is extensively used in the jewelry industry.

Why is Diamond So Special

Its craze is extraordinarily high among the celebs as well and this is the reason why most of the glamorous Hollywood actresses prefer a diamond engagement ring. When they proudly flaunt their rings, their fans are allured by the sparkling ring’s stunning beauty.

Besides its mesmerizing beauty, there are many other things which make this stone a very special one. It is the hardest known gem measuring 10 on the Mohs scale. This makes it a very durable stone and if due care is taken of, this can last for life and even after that. Diamond hence makes one of the best heirloom stones. Not only this but also the rarity of the gem creates interest among the people. Though new sources of the diamonds are discovered around the world, but the fact that its supply is still very limited, makes this stone a precious one.

Diamond is 10 on the Mohs scale

Diamonds are also considered one of the best ways of the investment. Their prices are prone to fluctuation, but still they retain their value after years and years of usage. These all facts cause this gem to be the most loved one of all the other gems. The colored diamonds, popularly known as the fancy diamonds have become the latest heart throb of the women and they love to flaunt them in their rings, earrings, and other jewelry.

Unique Engagement Rings

Gone are the days when just the expensive gemstones and the diamonds were the first choice of the people when it comes to the engagement rings. These days the charm of wearing not-so-expensive engagement rings is high. This way, people try to save a lot of money which can be used in other important works.

Peridot Engagement Ring

There are a lot of options available in the jewelry market which can be beautiful alternates to these expensive stones. Some of them are as under-

1) Garnet for Ruby

2) Peridot for Emerald

3) Tanzanite for Sapphire

4) Moissanite for Diamond

Colored Gemstone Rings Collection

The most interesting concept is that all these gems are abundantly used in rings and you can find the ring style and design of your choice. For instance if you would like to have a three stone peridot ring , you can easily find it at traditional brick and mortar jewelry shop or the latest online jewelry stores.

Oval Peridot and Diamond Split Shank RingRound Peridot and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Isn’t it really worth praise to wear the ring of your taste and that too in so low price? Indeed, it is and hence this craze is reaching sky high.

If you too are pondering over wearing this type of peridot ring, then rest assured that you will never go wrong with this choice and you can use the left over amount in some other important work.

Organic Amber – A Collectors’ Gemstone

Organic gemstones have their own beauty and charm. They are a wonderful result of harmony between living and non-living beings.

Organic Gemstones Jewelry

Amber, which was once famously known as the gold of the north is one of the organic beauties that we have cherished for decades.

Amber is the fossilized resin of pine trees that went extinct 50 million years back. It has resinous luster with transparent to virtually opaque appearance. The stones’ outer surface is crusty and weathered. But it is warm and silky from the inside and often contains lichens, insects and remains of wood.

Amber until the 19th century was very popular for jewelry and collectibles. It was considered a significant stone during the ancient days. The gem was extensively used in creative pieces including jewelry.

19th century's organic gemstones

Talking about the physical structure, ambers are very soft gems with the hardness of only 2 to 2.5 on the Moh’s scale. The gem crystals are amorphous with irregularly shaped masses of cracked and weathered surface. The gem is found in a range of colors from yellow, green and red to black, white and even violet.

Yellow ambers with bright transparent hues are the most desirable and expensive gems. Green and violet ambers are extremely rare, while white and black ambers are considered as the collectors’ gem.

Baltic region (Poland and Russia) is the most famous source of amber. Most high quality amber is sourced from Poland. It has also been given the status of national heritage of the country. Norway, Denmark, northern Myanmar, Romania, Dominican Republic, Mexico and the United States are the other amber sources.


Copal resin and Ambroid are fake ambers. Copal resin is produced by a tropical tree. Ambroid is created by heating small amber pieces at a high temperature and compressing them together to make big stones.

It is one of the earliest used organic gemstones. This is becoming popular fast in the fashion world. It is in high demand now in creative jewelry and art work.