Beyonce Showed Her Support For Obama In A Glittery Way

Badges, T-shirts, mugs, buttons and caps are just a few examples of merchandise you can buy to show your support for Obama 2012.
But Beyonce went a step ahead by wearing a pair of earrings spelling the President’s second name.
The large dangling hoops were designed by Puerto Rican Jewelry designer, Erika Pena who told TMZ that she has sold over 1,300 pairs since the songstress was snapped with them.
Like many others if you also think that the key letter of the democratic leader’s name is missing, then we would like to bring your attention towards the circular shape of the hoop which here stands for the first letter – O BAMA.
The Grammy awards winner is a vocal supporter of the President and she never missed a chance to show that. She has often attended and performed at dinners and benefits the President has put on. And not to mention but the Dream Girls actress always use her fashionista senses to show her support.
Earlier she painted letters of Mr. Obama’s second name on each nail and now the glamorous earrings are a step further in promoting the first black president of American history.