Bobbi Kristina & Her 'Engagement Ring' at the Premiere of Her Reality Show

Sometime the engagement rings create quite an uproar. We all may wonder why to pay so much attention to a piece of this small piece of jewelry. But trust us everyone notices the small sparkler in the finger that speak a lot about our taste and class. If you don’t believe us here is a recent incident where the ring on the Bobbi Kristina’s finger is creating quite a hullabaloo.
Bobbi Kristina’s Engagement Ring Wear Her Ring FingerOval Sapphire and Round Diamond Border Ring
Though, the reason for all the chaos about this ring is not because there is any fault with the ring. Rather it is a really beautiful sapphire engagement ring and resembles the royal engagement ring that adorns the finger of Duchess Kate Middleton. But it is the romance between Bobbi Kristina Brown and fiancé Nick Gordon that has been condemned by her upset family as 'unacceptable'.
Bobbi Kristina Brown and Fiancé Nick GordonOval Sapphire and Round Diamond Vintage Ring(1)
However, the daughter of Whitney Houston did not seem to be affected by these criticisms she happily posed with her fiancé at the premiere of new reality show. This show called ‘Houstons: On Our Own’ will be showing her family is coping with the untimely demise of her mother and its aftermath.
Bobbi Kristina Brown Her New Reality Show 'Houstons:On Our Own'
Another question surrounding this beautiful gemstone ring is that if it really a bought by her beau Nick or it is just a part of her mother’s jewelry collection. One reason why the whole family is against this match is that both Bobbi Kristina and Nick grew up as brother and sister at her mother’s house though Whitney never officially adopted Nick.
The Celeste Ring
However, it was heartwarming to see that on Monday the family had put their disagreements aside and attended the launch as a family. Even Whitney's mother Cissy was seen smiling as she posed with her granddaughter at the event.
You can watch this family drama on Lifetime as The Houstons premiere son October 24.