Pantone Spring2013 Color Forecast for Jewelry

Pantone Color Institute has released its color report for Spring2013. While its fall and the next spring is a little far to come, we couldn’t wait to see the expected jewelry in style. After all it is good to be prepared for the upcoming season’s fashion.
Pantone Color Institute Has Released its Color Report For Spring2013
Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute, explained the balancing power as the inspiration behind the latest forecast. The novel neutral shades are the focus of the new list where it shows the balance between light and bright. Colors are a means of self expression and as colors to explain balance have never been in thoughts earlier, sense of balance is a theme of Spring2013 colors prediction.
So here we go with the Pantone 2013 spring colors in jewelry:
Monaco Blue:
Pantone 2013 Spring Colors in Monaco BlueRound Sapphire Bezel-Set Pendant
A hybrid of cobalt and dull navy, this anchoring color is loved by Tommy Hilfiger, Lela Rose, Herve Leger and Tia Cibani for its wear ability. Leatrice describes Monaco blue as ‘classic shade offering stability and depth to the entire palatte.’
Dusk Blue:
Pantone 2013 Spring Colors in Dusk BlueHeart Aquamarine and Diamond Dangling Pendant
It is a neutral color to bring calm and serenity. Blue is a neutral color of nature and this shade reminds of the early morning sky when everything is quite and relaxed.
Pantone 2013 Spring Colors in EmeraldOval, Round Emerald and Diamond Earrings
Emerald is a little more vivid of the palette. This brighter color has a sense of clarity and an emerald sparkle attached to it. It is one of the favorite red carpet shades in jewelry and often donned by celebrities. Also being the signature color of spring, it has every reason to get embedded in your mind with a great effect.
Grayed Jade:
Pantone 2013 Spring Colors in Grayed JadeOval Cabochon Opal and Diamond Vintage Earrings
Another neutral shade for spring 2013 Grayed Jade as the name sounds has the color of Jade with a strong grey undertone. A sophisticated touch with a calming influence is what this member of green family can relate to.
Pantone 2013 Spring Colors in LinenRound Diamond Art Deco Designer Pendant
Linen is another version of the kind of nude shade that gives a very light and airy feel. It’s a neutral color that is a must have for spring.
African Violet:
Pantone 2013 Spring Colors in African VioletRound and Trillion Amethyst Three Stone Ring
It is a floral color with an exotic touch. It’s not a bright purple but the one with a little kick for spring.
Pantone 2013 Spring Colors in NectarineRound Diamond Twin Heart Pendant
This could be called a less-closer cousin of tangerine. The color has a strong presence with warm coral touch. It’s a lovely skin flattering shade that suits to different complexions.
Tender Shoots:
Pantone 2013 Spring Colors in Tender ShootsOval Peridot Dangle Earrings
Another exuberant, fun color from the green lineage, Tender Shoots with its yellow-green tint will beautifully represent spring.
Poppy Red:
Pantone 2013 Spring Colors in Poppy RedEmerald Cut Ruby and Diamond Vintage Pendant
Like green, red is a standby color for the season. But this time it is popping out at us. Poppy Red is a wonderful color for combining and its gaining popularity in the sparkling world.
Lemon Zest:
Pantone 2013 Spring Colors in Lemon ZestRound Citrine and Diamond Pendant
It’s a wonderful balancing color in the palette. With a zesty component that makes you smile and take a moment to cheer, the color is a strong attention-getter.