Aquamarine earrings! Even celebs loved them

Do you have a loved one celebrating their birthday in March? If so, you should consider gifting them the splash of aquamarine earrings. Aquamarine as the birthstone of March is a perfect gift for March born.
The beauty of this ‘sea water’ stone is unimaginable. It is the symbol of youth, health and hope. In the ancient times aquamarine was popular as the protecting stone and sailors used to keep it as a symbol of safe journey.
This member of beryl family is more durable than its sibling emerald. It also has excellent clarity even in large carats.
Aquamarine jewelry especially earrings has been liked by aristocrats and starlets. From red carpet to royal vaults, aquamarine earrings had gracefully showed off their alluring beauty.
Here are few dazzling divas that spotted aquamarine earrings and received lots of appreciation for their selection.
Princess Diana:
Princess Diana Diamond and Aquamarine Dangle Earrings

The late Duchess had many marvelous gems in her collection and these aquamarine and diamond earrings are one of the exceptional jewels she owned. The earrings feature diamond flower cluster studs holding pear shaped aquamarines surrounded by diamonds. Diana had worn the pair on an overseas tour. And the earrings looked absolutely stunning while adding more spark to the Duchess’ beauty.

Princess Mary:
Princess Mary of Denmark''s Aquamarine Jewelry
Another royal lady who displayed the aqua beauty of spring was Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. The antique pair of aquamarine earrings she is wearing in this picture was probably the most spectacular earrings worn by any crown princess. These chandelier earrings boast round and pear aquamarines encrusted with diamonds. The branched design of the pair is impeccably enticing.
Charlize Theron:
Charlize Theron Chopard Aquamarine Drop Earrings

Like the royalties, starlets have also picked some awe-inspiring aqua styles for their red hot looks. And not to mention the aquamarine earrings put them a class apart. Charlize theron is one of the divas who accessorized her Golden Globe look with a pair of marquise aquamarine dangle earrings. The fish hook has accent diamonds and the aquamarines are clear like water.

Dianna Agron Dangling Diamond Earrings at 18th Annual SAG Awards

Dianna Agron:
If you are enchanted with the crystal clear earrings of Theron then these 19th century diamond and aquamarine earrings of Dianna Agron will surely sweep you off your feet. With these silver and gold pendant earrings Agron looked the beauty of spring at 18th Annual SAG Awards.

Berenice Bejo:
Berenice Bejo's Aquamaring Earrings

This year ‘The Artist’ star had decided to flaunt the spring shades and so she picked the beautiful aquamarines and emeralds. Like her Oscars emerald earrings these aquamarine earrings are also worth mentioning. These extravagant aquamarine and sapphire earrings were created a rage at the 17th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. The crystal clear massive aquamarine drops in the earrings were securely hanged to the sapphire studs. The shimmering diamond accents were the additional charm to the tantalizing drops
Like these divas if you also want to pamper your loved ones’ spring style then gift them a pair of aquamarine earrings and let them feel the spring in every spark!


Tamarat said...

Aquamarine jewelry is very beautiful so I see why celebs love them so much. I went to a yard sell once and a lady was selling a pair of Aquamarine earrings I loved them so much I now collect Aquamarine jewelry. Many people who sell jewelry really don't know what they have and might sell a teasured piece like Aquamarine at a price we all can afford.