Gwyneth Paltrow’s caped dress had the traces in fashion history

Gwyneth Paltrow was among the best white beauties on the 2012 Oscar’s red carpet. Her svelte style in a caped dress was an epitome of her fashion forward senses.
Gwyneth Paltrow Diamond Jewelry @ Oscar 2012
Paltrow received a lot of praise for selecting a gorgeous and unique ensemble for the biggest runway. Also the sleek hair-do and natural makeup with exotic diamond jewelry added the enough amount of freshness to her red carpet grace.
With a milky soft look and brilliant diamond sparkle, Gwyneth was the personification of Greek goddess on red carpet.
John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy at 1961 inaugural ball gwyneth paltrow vanity fair party
This ravishing diva has recently revealed that her fashion forward choice for Oscars 2012 was actually a retro ensemble inspiration. She explained that the caped Tom Ford dress was inspired by none other than Jackie Kennedy, the style icon of America.
She saw a photograph of Jackie where she was wearing the white ensemble with the cape. Jackie herself designed the dress for the 1961 inaugural ball. Bergdorf Goodman’s Ethel Frankau was commissioned to create the design.
Paltrow told that the design was a surprise to her as only superman wore a cape. But of course the then first Lady knew the worth of it and so donned the dress for an important occasion.
Round Diamond Flower Ring in 18k White Gold
The retro inspired look of Gwyenth was undoubtedly a daring attempt and she didn’t miss an inch of style in it. Especially the broad diamond cuff and flower like diamond ring were pleasing springtime addition to her bewitching modernized retro looks.
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