Jermaine Jones, the Giant gem of American Idol season 11, disqualified

Nature has many gems in its chest. It has created finest sapphires, diamonds, emeralds and rubies. It also brought the dearest amethysts, citrines and tanzanites to existence. The beauty, grace and elegance of these sparkling gems are beyond explanations.

Though the creator of these wonder gems is nature but the credit of introducing them to the world goes to those who knew their true worth. They are called Jewelers. They pick a raw stone and through their vision of creating a masterpiece, turn it into a piece of pristine jewelry.

Jermaine Jones American Idol Season 11

This is not only with jewelry. Jewelers and raw gems are everywhere. Take the example of American Idol which is shaping the gemstones for the music world for past 11 seasons. It is the platform for brilliant diamonds to illuminate the world with their enchanting voice.

But this season things have turned a little bitter when Jermaine Jones, one of the contestants, was disqualified due to allegedly hiding his criminal record. Jones had four arrest warrants in past.

American Idol Top 13 Season 11

The Gentle Giant was shocked with the discussion. According to him he already mentioned about his past arrests when he filled the application. His dismissal was a disappointing discussion. The fellow contestants and fans felt sorry for this gem of season 11 American Idol.

What do you think about Jermaine Jones dismissal? Was it a right discussion or would it affect his musical career?