Katie Price returns her engagement ring to jeweler

It was beautiful heart-shaped pink diamond ring. However, Katie Price had to part with it. Not only because the couple could not continue with their relationship but because her ex-fiancé Leandro Penna failed to pay the bill of the ring.
Kim Kardashian is happily keeping her enormous diamond engagement ring but Katie Price could not though the fate of their relationships were almost the same. As the Valentine’s Day is nearing people will be searching for heart shaped jewelry and gifts but sadly for Price she had to say good bye to her beautiful heart shaped jewelry.
Unlike usual proposal where the guy surprises his beloved with the ring, the glamour model had ordered this pink heart-shaped ring herself last year. But she did so after the Argentine’s proposal and his approval of the design.
katie price and ex-fiancé Leandro Penna 
But six months later the pair called off their engagement and now we have reports that Katie has to return the bauble to the jewelers. The reason why she had to do so was revealed by Katie's best friend, Phill Turner, she tweeted that she is sorry to hear that Katie had to return her heart ring as that Spanish (sic) guy never paid for it like everything else. To this Katie had replied that she had to and that her ex-beau took advantage of her generosity. She added if only she could show the emails all over Christmas with him wanting her back.
But like every story here also there is the other side. Katie’s ex-beau Leandro insists that the ring in question had never been in his possession and it had only arrived following their break-up. This ring resembled the ring which Katie was spotted wearing back in May. Leandro has categorically said in an interview that it was a ring that Katie Price designed, ordered and had delivered directly to herself from her personal jeweler.
In fact Katie had received the ring after the couple had broken off the engagement so he was taken by surprise when the bill was passed on to him. So, after a discussion with Katie’s management an agreement was reached where Katie had to voluntarily return the ring. She has to do so to end the threat from her jeweler of civil court action.
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