A handcrafted engagement ring!

Everyone wants to tell their loved ones how special they are by getting something special for them. Some people opt for the most expensive others make things with their hands to show off their love and dedication. Probably that is why actor Rider Strong created the engagement ring for his fiancée.
Rider Strong
Actor who is best known for his role of Shawn Hunter in Boy Meets World a ’90s sitcom has popped the question to his longtime girlfriend Alexandra Barreto and to make special he himself handcrafted the ring.
He shares that he spent weeks making the ring in secret. As he is not a jeweler so he asked an old-school jeweler to teach me how to do a lost wax casting. This ring is truly beautiful with three diamonds set in white gold.
He is not the first one in the family to have created his own engagement ring he says that he is just continuing his family tradition as his father has also made the ring for his mom. As for how he proposed, Strong said that it was raining heavily in Northern California when he had taken his girlfriend out for a walk and as the rain did not seem to stop so he decided that he should rather pop the question on the property where he grew up.
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Three stone engagement rings carry a special meaning because each stone represents a stage in ones life and a three stone engagement ring carries a promise that the pair will share their past, present and the future. If you are looking for a beautiful three stone engagement ring check out the engagement ring section.


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