Vintage Jewelry Trend

Vintage jewelry is the hottest trend in fashion jewelry. All those lace work, enamel art, intricate patterns, floral motifs etc. are echoing in the style world. The old style jewelry becomes a rage in the fashion industry. The royal parades, red carpets, film premiers, fashion runways and even the black tie parties are finding vintage jewelry an essential part of them.

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Vintage term is generally used for Victorian era designs. But other art flourishing era are also considered a part of vintage time. Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, French Baroque and many small periods that flourished in Europe during or after Queen Victoria’s sovereignty are included in vintage era.

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It was known as the most prominent period when different schools of art and architecture emerged and persisted for a considerable time. Jewelry during that era became a mode of expression. Along with the beautification, jewelry became a mode to show off wealth and power. The designs were very ostentatious and exuberant.

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Due to the scarcity of gold, puffy designs were more common. The jewelry was light yet opulent. Symbolic motifs like floral and animal designs were very common in vintage designs.

Today the same styles are back and it has finer touch. With a bit of contemporary finish intricate vintage designs are available in the market.

So if you want to spoil yourself or want something significant for someone special, then try out a piece of vintage ring or hoops. You’ll surely love it.