$250,000 just for a manicure!! Crazy isn’t it?

The trendy nail art is taking the Hollywood by storm, the mani-cam by E! News is the hot shot for this.

During the Emmys red carpet coverage, E! News introduced a red carpet miniature – mini cam where celebs could make their fingers walk to show off the edgy, pretty and crazy manicure they have had for the flashy night.

Zooey Deschanel Nail Art at Primetime Emmy 2012

And while Zooey Deschannel and Sarah Hyland walked their nail art, it was Kelly Osbourne who spotted the craziest nail work.


No, No, we are not talking about the simple black nail paint she flaunted with her burgundy look. But we are pointing on the fact which she revealed. Her black shinny nail polish was actually a special nail paint created by Azature, a high-end jewelry brand. And the 0.5 oz bottle has 267 carats of black diamond which costs $250,000.

Kelly Osbourne's $250,000 manicure!

Yes, you got that right, just half an ounce of liquid for a quarter of million dollars!!

Now, isn’t that the craziest and the costliest of manicures you’ve ever heard about.

While Kelly apologized for wearing what is called the most expensive of manicures ever, she admitted that it was ‘a once in a lifetime experience’ and ‘it made her feel like a queen’.

Though Kelly hasn’t had to pay anything for the nail paint nor does she bought it. We’ve just come up with few more worth spending things.

Checkout the list, you might get something more beautiful and queen-like.

A lavish wedding (if a thought to walk down the aisle is under consideration)

Some timeless vintage jewelry pieces (Government auction is starting very soon)

Romantic holidays at an isolated private island (most coveted vacation)

An extremely pleasing engagement ring (the proposal would certainly become brighter and better)