Ribbon of hope....: Elizabeth Hurley continues Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

Elizabeth Hurley has started actively campaigning for the Breast Cancer Awareness this month, and is showing her full dedication to this great cause. Even her fiancé Shane Warne has accompanied her to several events though now he has returned to Australia. It is wonderful to see that she is getting in the spirit of things and even adhering to the pink dress code.
Legendary Beauty Liz Hurley at her Breast Cancer Awareness campaign
If you want to show your solidarity with this great cause has a unique jewelry collection specially designed for this. Known as the Ribbon of Hope this assortment has some really exclusive pieces that are made of gold (even rose gold if you want to adhere to the pink color code).
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Getting back to the news Elizabeth Hurley was at the Trafford Centre in Manchester on Thursday while continuing her campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness.She looked remarkable in a fuchsia dress which showed her beautiful form.
Liz Hurley at Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

As she wanted to reach out to more people besides those who were at the event she made sure to document her meet and greet session on twitter. She gave regular update starting with the tweet where she wished a Good Morning and mentioned that it is the first time for her in this city. Later she tweeted her gratitude towards all who came to see her in Selfridges. She even added that it was a great signing &that they have managed to collect a good amount for @BCRFcure.
Liz Hurley writing a message at Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

During the event the model/actress even spoke to promote the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and later she followed it with a post stating that she met some fabulous people and that she wishes to especially thank the women who shared their breast cancer stories with her and that they are all very brave.
Liz Hurley and Shane Warne's Breast Cancer Awareness campaign
Hurley explains that she is so passionate about this cause as she lost her maternal grandmother because of breast cancer just before she started working with Evelyn and Estee Lauder. As we all know Evelyn Lauder was a philanthropist & American socialite who is looked upon as the person who created and popularized the pink ribbon as a symbol of awareness of breast cancer.
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