Are You Ready to Explore This Bridal Week?

As its Bridal Week in New York City, it’s time to look up on the bridal fashion. We’ll bring you the latest and the best in wedding fashion, trends and all-around fun. Join us this weekend and explore all that is best in bridal term.
Round Diamond Wedding Ring
Catch the brilliant engagement rings, wedding jewelry, gorgeous gowns, nail arts and hairstyles and many do-it-yourself ideas.
Let’s start with the trends.
Celebritied Wedding DressRound Diamond Engagement Ring With Matching Wedding Band(2)
The wind is moving to bygone time and bringing to vintage glamour to the aisle. As you must have noticed from few of the recent celebrity weddings the old school of fashion is here to take the class. The latest is Vintage! Everything from engagement rings to wedding dress, jewelry and hair dos are inspired by vintage style.
Anne Hathaway Long Traditional Wedding Gown
Lace work of Victorian era with illusion neckline, sleeves, long veils, raffle skirts could be seen on runways and aisles. Also the old style of headbands is back. Check out the lacked headband of Anna Hathaway and the long traditional laced veil of Holy Valance.
Long Celebrity Wedding Dress
Similarly, the engagement and wedding rings are very much inspired by the bygone period. Colored rocks like sapphire, ruby and emerald are more in fashion. Colored gemstone engagement rings with diamond add-ons are popular these days.
Halle Berry Emerald RingKate Middleton Sapphire Engagement RingMiley Cyrus Diamond Ring
Diamond rings with intricate filigree, lace work and engraving in yellow gold are the newest trend in the bling world. You must have not forgotten Halle Berry, Kate Middleton and Miley Cyrus’s rings.
Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Vintage RingOval Sapphire and Round Diamond Vintage Ring(1)Round Diamond Designer Ring
In the coming week, we’ll talk more about bling, dresses and various wedding related things. So be there with us and don’t miss the glitter.