What Is a Shotgun Wedding & What’s The Right Jewelry For This!!!

Kelsey Grammer's wife Kayte has renewed her vows at a shotgun wedding in the Little Church of the West at Las Vegas. When I saw this news, I wanted to find out what a “shotgun wedding” actually was. And is there a special ring for this? I wanted to find this out as well. Historians say that a shotgun wedding refers to a ceremony where the bride and groom are not as excited about it, as you would expect them to be. So we can say that shotgun weddings are low-key affairs.

Kelsey Grammer's Wife Kayte

This ceremony was solemnized only to avoid the embarrassment of her unplanned pregnancy. In fact, this term was coined to describe a hypothetical situation where the father of an expecting daughter uses force or a shotgun to urge the man responsible for exchanging the vows.

Kayte's Father With Shotgun

The jewelry for the occasion can interestingly be anything. It can be a confiscated weapon or a paper ring as was mentioned in a few lines from the famous song, ‘Half of my heart’ by John Mayer.

Half of my heart is a shotgun wedding of a bride with a paper ring.

And half of my heart is the part of a man who’s never truly loved anything.

Kayte's Had A Pregnant Bride

With time however, the term and how it is used has changed. It is now often used to refer to a spur of the moment wedding, one that happens without any elaborate preparation. In case of the lovely Grammer couple, they were really excited about their shotgun wedding. And like the traditional way, here we had a pregnant bride, as Kayte is awaiting the birth of twins.

Kayte's Had Shotgun Wedding

Interestingly, they recently told the media that they'd always wanted a shotgun wedding. They finally had one where the bride wore a baby doll dress that highlighted her baby bump. Kayte wore a simple pearl stud with a pair of heels. She had flowers in her hair to complete her simple look.

Kayte Walsh & Kelsey Grammer

It was kept very private – nobody was invited to attend the ceremony. Later on, the actor shared that he always wanted shotgun wedding pictures that he can show the kids later.