62-Round Gun Salute Marked Her Majesty’s 86th Official Birthday

Queen Elizabeth II officially celebrated her 86th birthday recently. Her husband Prince Philip, who was hospitalized during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, was seen standing by her side during the trooping of color ceremony.
Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip

The queen once again has chosen her favorite June beauty to spread her glory. While watching the traditional Trooping the color and Royal Air Force fly-past ceremony, her majesty was seen in a soft mustard yellow dress with matching hat. The three-strand pearl necklace and the pearl and diamond ‘Ladies of Devonshire’ earrings with a diamond brooch were the wonderful add-ons for the 86th official birthday glory.

Queen Elizabeth II Watching The Traditional Trooping The Color &  Royal Air Force Fly-Past Ceremony

Standing beside his wife, Prince Philip looked healthy and happy. He was dressed in his official scarlet tunic and black bearskin cap beseeming his honorary rank of colonel in the Grenadier Guards.

Prince Philip Standing With His Wife

Though the Queen was born on April 21st yet it is a tradition to celebrate the monarch’s birthday during the summer season. The tradition started in 1748 in the United Kingdom. The official birthday date varies every year depending on the weather. Generally the celebration takes place between mid May to mid June.

Queen Elizabeth II was Born On April 21st

This year the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II was celebrated on June 16th. All the royals and invitees enjoyed the traditional events during the celebration. The 62-round gun fire salute from the tower of London marked the Queen’s official birthday.

Queen Elizabeth II Official Birthday Held On 16th June

Trooping the Color was carried by fully trained and operational troops of the Household Division on Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall. The parade was followed by a fly-past by Royal Air Force that the Queen and other royal members enjoyed from the famous balcony of Buckingham Palace.


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