Reese Witherspoon’s exceptional Ashoka cut diamond ring

When Jim Toth proposed Reese Witherspoon over the holidays last year he was pretty sure that the answer was yes. And it was! After all who would say no to a lovely proposal when it is shining brightly in the form of Ashoka cut diamond engagement ring.

Reese Witherspoon Ashoka Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Reese’s custom-designed ring was an exceptional piece. It has a 4 carat Ashoka cut diamond set on a diamond encrusted platinum band. Jim‘s selection was par excellence as Ashoka cut diamonds are extremely rare.

Originated from 41.37 carat flawless D color Ashoka diamond, the cut is very unusual. It is a modified antique cushion cut with rounded corners and 62 facets in rectangular girdle that capture and disperse maximum light to create strong brilliance.

The cut is a patent of William Goldberg Diamond Corporation that custom-designed Reese’s engagement ring. According to the corporation only 10% of rough diamonds mined each year have the potential to be cut this way as it demands high color and more length.

The tremendous diamond cut is not very popular and the reason is clear – it’s rare and exotic and demands much care and attention. But is undoubtedly a magnificent sparkle for showing the serious sentiments in brilliant way.


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