Elizabeth Taylor, the Queen of style!

It’s a year in books but an era in thoughts! 23rd March 2011, the iconic legendary beauty of Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor, left this mortal world.

A year has passed but Liz remained alive in news, talks and memories. Born as Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, the British-American actress was famous for a bulk of reasons. The two-time Oscar winner’s tremendous acting made her a legendary star of Hollywood. But as said earlier she was known to the world not only for her film career, her multiple-marriage, sensual style, heavenly beauty, charitable causes and jewelry affair were other important reasons of popularity.


The sensual, glamorous, tempestuous, violet-eyed beauty was the star that lived a royal life. Liz was much known as the ‘Cleopatra’ of Hollywood for her insane love for jewels. The screen goddess owned a huge and brilliant wealth of worth $150 millions of jewelry. Her passion for diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and all the glittery precious jewelry was the reason the world was able to see some marvelous jewels in one single collection.

elizabeth-taylor-jewelry elizabeth-taylor--mike-todd

Most of these jewels were the gifts from her seven husbands. She owned the Cartier Diamond Tiara, Bulgari Diamond & Emerald suite, 33.19 carat Krupp Diamond, 69.42 carat Taylor-Burton diamond, Bulgari sapphire necklace suite, the list is endless. After her death many of her jewels were auctioned in last one year and each piece was sold for more than the estimated value. The auctioned held at Christie’s NYC was the biggest auctioned in history.


The money raised by the auctions went to Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation which is another remarkable part of Liz’s life. Taylor plowed both her money and time into the charitable causes and her AIDS foundation is the most praiseworthy of them. According to BBC her charity had grossed as much as her film career.

Her death was a great loss but the world will always remember Taylor for her contributions to both reel and real life.