What are Natural Color Diamonds?

Natural color diamonds exist in over 300 colors with countless number of hues and nuances. That means you can pick a color of your choice and personality.

Natural color diamonds suit every budget. The price variation depends on the hue, saturation and clarity.

0.32-Cts.-Fancy-Intense-Orange-Yellow-Pear-Diamond 1.02-Cts.-Very-Light-Pink-Radiant-Diamond 1.02-Cts.-Very-Light-Yellow-Green-Pear-Diamond

Every natural color diamond is a unique miracle of nature. They were formed in some very rare natural conditions, therefore found in strictly limited areas. The only mine of blue diamond is dried up and the one that produce the largest share of pink diamond has declared to end production in 2018. Similarly, the two rarest natural color diamond, red and green have always been in high demand.

Their rarity, scarcity and exclusivity have made them a perfect treasure for collectors and diamond lovers. The unexpected chameleon and bicolor diamond are other natural color diamonds which have been highly sought after.

Portia de Rossi Pink Diamond Ring

Celebrities are fond of color diamonds. Over the last few seasons, natural color diamonds have made their way into many jewelry collections. Victoria Beckham and Portia de Rossi have scintillating pink diamond rings and Jessica Simpson and Cate Blanchett have don champagne diamond jewels for their red carpet looks.

Being exotic and extremely beautiful, they have been proving a long term investment. The value of these natural diamonds has skyrocketed in last 25 years. You can easily judge it by few record breaking sales reports. Sotheby’s in October 2011 sold 6.01 carats blue diamond for $10.1 million. In November 2011, 10.67 carats Silvermist gray diamond estimated at $120K - $$200K sold for $1.19 million.