Why To Choose A Natural Color Diamond?

A diamond is a girl’s best friend. It looks perfectly pretty and ultra-feminine. It is the most valued and sought after amongst of all gemstones. A diamond being the hardest gem conveys the feeling of strong and lasting relation. Its crystalline structure which allows maximum light to pass through it reflects brightness of a relation. And its many colors express the beauty and personality of the wearer.

71-Cts.-Fancy-Grayish-Yellowish-Green-Round-Diamond_NDR0039_Reg 1.22-Cts.-Fancy-Deep-Brownish-Yellow-Cushion-Diamond_NDC0167_Reg 2.35-Cts.-Fancy-Light-Grayish-Greenish-Yellow-Cushion-Diamond_NDC0182_Reg

The natural color diamonds are like white diamonds with different shades and hues. They found in almost all the colors of rainbow. They are excluded from the normal D to Z classification which is a parameter for white diamonds. Over 300 colors of natural diamonds have been identified so far.

Natural color diamonds are rare and the basic evaluation criterion of white diamonds does not apply on them. These fancy diamonds have a colored grading system which follows a range of 27 color hues of spectrum. Their tone and saturation is described by six descriptors namely faint, light, dark, intense, deep and vivid.

Deep Blue Hope Diamond Pale Pink Darya-I-Nur

Deep blue Hope Diamond and pale pink Darya-I-Nur are the two world famous natural color diamonds. Their intense colors have made them very popular among folks. If this time you are planning to buy a diamond go for a natural color diamond.