How to Buy July Birthstone – Ruby?

Birthstone jewelry has gained much popularity these days. Lot of my friends who are into gemstones and jewelry business tell me that that sale of birthstone jewelry in that particular month of the gem is definitely much higher than the average monthly sales.

Lot of people these days like to give birthstone jewelry as a gift to mark special occasions. Birthstone jewelry is special, it symbolizes good luck for its wearer. And, even if one does not believe on the various benefits that many claim that the birthstones tend to have, they most certainly make stunning personalized gifts.

July Birthstone Ruby

Many years ago, I got a peridot pendant as a birthday gift. At that point of time I had no clue about birthstones. But ever since I found out that it is actually my birthstone,it has not only become my lucky charm, I suddenly even started finding peridots so much more beautiful. This might sound funny and insane, but that’s how it is.

Gift birthstone jewelry to someone you love and well if they don’t know, tell them that it is their birthstone. Trust me, they will love it above anything else.

how to buy ruby

So if you are planning to buy yourself ruby jewelry or gift someone this astonishing July Birthstone, here are some quick tips on how to buy July Birthstone, Ruby :-

  • Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat also know as the 4C’s are 4 most important virtues that decide the quality of ruby as most of the other gemstones.
  • Color – When rubies are concerned color is always given higher preference over clarity. A rich deep vibrant red colored ruby is considered the best. Try avoid dull, too dark or too light red rubies.
  • Clarity – Inclusions are often found in rubies. Go for rubies that are eye clean (inclusions not visible to the unaided eye).
  • Cut – This July birthstone is known to display excellent brilliance. The way a gemstone is cut not only affects its appearance, it greatly affects its brilliance.
  • Carat – Carat is nothing more than a term use to measure the size of the stone. Obviously bigger stones are rarer as compared to smaller ones and thus more expensive.


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