Jewelry Predictions for Summer 2011

Summer is here and it is time for beaches, weddings, parties and more parties. Talk about parties and we women are thinking in our brains of what are we going to wear. Jewelry, as it goes without saying is an essential part of worry and our wardrobe.

Less is more

Don’t pile on too many pieces of jewelry. Less is more this summer. Wear jewelry to complement what you wear but don’t let your jewelry overpower your clothes.


In an interview with AGTA (American Gemstone Trade Association), Leatrice Elseman, popularly referred to as ‘International color guru’ has suggested Green as an essential shade for the summers. She said that green has become somewhat of a neutral so are likely to wear it with a lot of things in your wardrobe. Seems it is peridots and emeralds are the gemstones for the season.

Another color riding high this summer is blue. So open yourself up to the world of blue and keep it cool. Sapphires, aquamarines, tanzanites, topaz, tourmaline, the list is countless.

 Be Yourself

Whatever I have said, if it doesn’t appeal to your, forget it. Jewelry is foremost an expression of your self. So be yourself. Experiment with the looks. Mix and match with various style coz its all about having fun.


Arab Fashion Designer said...

At an event where you would expect to see lots of bling. An indication that, in the world of jewelry, simple and elegant will prevail.