5 Celebrated Women and their love for Pearls

While I was searching for my previous post Have fun with June Birthstone, Pearls; I found out something very interesting. Most of the women that you could call as endorsed pearls were all strong women, public figures, roles models for many and all of them were considered as a fashion icon of their times.

Here are 5 Celebrated Women who swore by their pearls .

1. Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II often seen adorning strands of pearl when making public appearances. Her love for pearls can also be said to have inherited from her mother Queen Elizabeth I who was known for her extravagant taste and her vast collection of pearl jewelry.


2. Coco Chanel

  Famous French designer, one who bought radical changes in imitation jewelry, Coco Channel was known as a fashion icon in her times. She would often experiment with pearls. They say she would put in a rope of fake pearls between real one and wear them and no one would ever know that they are fake.


3. Princess Diana

Princess Diana was regarded as the most stylish woman of her times. Her jewelry and her dresses were talked about world over. She possessed a fine collection of jewelry of which pearls were an eminent part. This seven-strand pearl choker necklace with sapphire at center was made out of a brooch that Queen Elizabeth II gifted her on her wedding.


4. Elizabeth Taylor

A fine actress of her times, Elizabeth Taylor was known to have one of the finest collect of jewels. She even possessed ‘La Peregrina’ (picture above), largest pear shaped natural pearl.

5. Michelle Obama

First Lady, Michelle Obama is the new age icon of fashion who is very often seen sporting strands of pearl in her public appearances and to some extent responsible for bringing pearls back in fashion.