Women Without Jewelry

Women without jewelry... the expression is like night without stars, garden without flowers… wow that was poetic! No, but seriously why is jewelry so synonymous with women or why is essential for her existence?
My curiosity got the better of me and like a research student I started my expedition to find the eternal truth. After talking to a hundred women and exploring the Internet these are the findings of my research - eternal answer to the eternal question.
For woman jewelry is more than just fashion. Most of the times jewelry is a story – your grand dad got this necklace for me on out honeymoon, my parents presented me this pendant when I graduated from collage, my first earrings, my husband’s surprise, and the tale goes on.
Invariably jewelry is an expression of self for women. So there are designs that are bold, simple, sophisticated, dainty, pretty, elaborate, funky, fun, classy, flashy, subtle, elegant, girly, orthodox, classic, stylish and every kind that you can possibly imagine a woman can be.
And one of the most important reasons why women love jewelry – jewelry makes women feel beautiful… from inside. So with so compelling reasons can you still imagine a woman without jewelry? Not fair dude!


Anonymous said...

i do agree with those first few lines. jewelry is essential! i never leave the house without a necklace & bracelet!

La C

sguyot said...

Radiance, jewelry highlights a woman's radiance.