Jewelry vs Tatoos

Tatoos Vs Jewelry copy

Do you know what’s the hottest in fashion these days – freedom! The beauty is that you can think of the wackiest, wildest of the things, do them and be respected for your freedom of expression. This one’s a great example. My friend Stella had an allergic reaction to some metals. This allergy has resulted in a phobia for jewelry. Even if it is hypo allergic, Stel is dead scared of jewelry. So on her wedding Stel chose to be different and creative. Stel wore wedding tattoos to adorn her on her bridal day. Those were fancy temporary tattoos but believe me they looked cooler than diamonds. As if this was not enough, Stel and her hubby exchanged their wows and got tattoo wedding rings done! And you know what Ton, Stella’s husband, said while exchanging their tattoo rings, “only till death do us apart!”, and literally meant it.


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