Tips on How to Entertain Guests on Halloween

If you are throwing a Halloween party for your family and friends and are struggling over some interesting ideas which can entertain them the most, then you are reading the perfect post.

We will talk about some of the best ideas which can turn up to be the most amusing and interesting for your guests. Let’s read them:

1) You can make a small horror place at the entrance of your main home and make sure that the guests have to cross it before entering your home. You can decorate it with plastic mummies, and snakes and insects made in plastic which may drop down on the guests if they try and touch them. The place should be in complete darkness and the excitement and fear of the guests when these objects fall on them will make the start of your party a very wonderful one.

2) Next is to offer your guests the starters and the drinks in horror themed crockery. You can paint scary faces and objects on them or bring out the artist in you to design them with some scary objects. They will love having drinks and snacks in these crockery.

3) Run a pumpkin carving competition and the best one should grab a prize. Make the prize as interesting as possible to let the guests enjoy the competition. You can ponder over gifting a CD of horror movie, a Halloween costume and things like this.

4) You can ask them to turn themselves into a mummy. For the same, you can provide them with the rolls of the toilet paper. This is very economical and exciting idea to celebrate Halloween with guests.