Double-Sided Earrings: Go Trendy this Holiday Season

WOW! What an innovation. Jewelry designers have really amazed the young girls by replacing the basic earring back with a very fashionable one such that even the simplest of earrings make a statement. How impressive it is that along with the exquisite front, people are eager to take a look at the backside of your earlobe? Something very artistic and ingenious might have wrapped around; double-sided earrings have given a contemporary dimension to the category of earrings.

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With studs, ear cuffs and ear climbers already ruling the red carpet, two-sided earrings have doubled the fun. This exceptionally hot new trend has brought out the chic looks of the charming celebrities like Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihana and many others. 

You can be ready for both, party and office with the same pair of earrings. And what styles, designs and shapes; they are just so captivating. This jewelry fashion is an edgy twist that gracefully adorns the front and the back sides of your earlobe. Classic pearls look classier when fitted on the two sides. They showcase a sophisticated and modern personality of the wearer.

Funky metal designs, clinching front and rear sides, provide a dapper appearance of a high school girl. There are countless designs and styles to choose from, you can be colorful with gemstones, elegant with diamonds and modish with just metals.

The cherry on the cake is that these earrings are reversible. What design you want to flaunt at what side is absolutely your choice. Only one rule to follow while donning double-sided magnetism is to pull your hair back your ears. Let others see and admire your blings from all angles and you keep counting the compliments you receive; they will be endless.