Tips to Care for Platinum Jewelry

The luster and shine of platinum is hidden from no one. The remarkable attributes of platinum make it an inevitable favorite among jewelry lovers. Though rare, this metal is the most prevalently chosen element used for creating wedding jewelry these days. Something so precious should be treasured and valued accordingly. Taking care of your platinum jewelry is crucial to make its magnificence last longer. 

Platinum Jewelry
1. Storage
Make it a point to keep your jewelry items separated. Although it is a very strong metal, the surface of can be scratched due to the high purity of the metal. Repeated abrasions result in a dull gray look, which can be polished away in no time, but is still unnecessary. The molecules of this metal are so densely packed that even when scratched or while being polished, the metal is never lost, merely displaced. Wrap your jewelry in soft muslin cloth or cotton and store in separate boxes or cases. The diamonds or other gemstones set in your platinum jewelry may be the hardest stones but at the end of it, they are crystals after all. They can be easily chipped or nicked due to carelessness. Take care that your platinum jewelry is preserved properly.
Storage of Platinum Jewelry
2. Proper cleaning
Like every other item you adorn, jewelry requires regular cleaning as well. Cleaning your platinum jewelry is nothing to be afraid of, it is certainly a very simple task to perform. To keep an everlasting luster and shine, follow the cleaning instructions mentioned below in every 3 months and be surprised:
Platinum Jerwelry Proper Cleaning
· Take a bowl of lukewarm water (never hot), and add a special jewelry cleaner to that. Let your platinum jewelry soak in it for about a duration of 20 minutes after which, rub it gently with the help of a soft bristled brush. Soft is the keyword here ladies, do not forget that, we wouldn’t want the metal’s surface to get scratched. 
· Avoid performing this cleaning over the sink.

3. Extra care
Avoid exposing your platinum jewelry to any extreme sports or excursions. As mentioned before this metal can be scratched. Take precautions while working with household cleaning liquids and materials. Remove your platinum jewelry while engaging in activities like swimming. Though highly resistant to chemical, over-exposure to harsh chemicals like chlorine may cause damage to the metal.
Platinum jewelry care
4. Go to the professionals
Always visit a professional jeweler once a year. They know their job well, rest assured. It is advisable to take your jewelry to a reputed jewelry store for proper examination and expertized cleaning. In addition to a thorough cleaning, you also get the satisfaction of knowing that your jewelry is in healthy condition. It is always good to have them checked for cracks or abrasions that might not be visible to naked or inexpert eyes. Do remember to ask around for a trust worthy jewelry store; experience comes in handy in such situations.
Go to the professionals care about platinum jewelry