How to Buy Sapphire Jewelry Online-Part I

After diamonds, sapphires are the most desired stone in jewelry industry. Its look and amazing properties have equally fascinated royal, celebrities and ordinary people from all around the world.

Even today, buying a sapphire is considered a symbol of royalty. With the changing time and new trends, the traditional concept of buying jewelry has evolved into online jewelry shopping. What if you were asked to buy sapphire jewelry online? You might hesitate in doing so. It’s true that people still hesitate to shop online for jewelry and when it comes to gemstone jewelry it’s a big NO NO for many of them.

Online jewelry shop

It is a case for few while many of us love to buy jewelry online. In fact, online shopping has become a new trend and it is quite pleasing people across the globe. Moreover, if some points are kept in mind while buying sapphire jewelry online, it can be a fun thing to do.

Here are some points, which are needed to be considered while buying sapphires online. They will definitely help you in finding the best of the sapphire stones as well as desired style, design and metal for your jewelry. From finest and most romantic sapphire engagement rings to adorable earrings and pendants, you can find everything online. So go through the tips and start your online shopping today.

Set your budget

This is the thumb rule for shopping. Either opting for onsite shopping or online shopping, setting a budget in advance is always a proved advantage. Its’ always better to know your affordability limit before actually spending.

Set your budget

You can set a range and accordingly selects the jewelry. Most of the online stores offer this feature where you can browse the catalogue based on a price range. This is good, as you will save your time and efforts from digging out of the large catalogue. It will limit your search criterion and allows you to quickly find the desired piece.

Check the quality of sapphires

It looks a bit complicated because many people think that you can’t judge a stone by just looking its image. That is actually not the case. Online stores clearly mention all the quality parameters along with the image. So if you want an heirloom sapphire, match the given details with the image and you can see it is the image they are talking.

Check the quality of sapphires

You should remember the four essential C’s of sapphires. Like other gemstones, sapphires too have their four C’s. They are color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.

Check the origin

Origin of sapphire

Sapphires are also divided based on place of origin. Therefore, when you find a sapphire from Ceylon or Kashmir, it will definitely have a premium price added to it. If you find such a piece at cheaper prices, beware – this will be a fraud. In addition, these days, sapphires are created in labs. All the authentic online stores clearly mention the origin of the stone, so you get a clear idea of what you are buying is natural or lab created.