Will it be a winter weddings for Jennifer Aniston!

Snowy landscapes, Freezing Temperature, tempt us to look for love and warmth. This could be the reason why many couples decide to get married in the winter time. Also everything seems to be really romantic and magical driving more and more people to opt for winter weddings. It is debatable whether they do it for the sake of convenience or because they feel that shimmering landscapes are the perfect setting for their trip down the aisle. It is something that one would not find in a June wedding.
Jennifer Anistone
Funny as it may sound but don’t we all add a bit of ice to seal our relationship, how??? The answer is the bright and brilliant engagement ring which usually has some diamonds and colored gemstones.
One of the most awaited weddings of the season is going to be the marriage of Jennifer Aniston. Now she wants her nuptial to be a destination wedding where the couple go to a romantic island and get married. But reports are that her beau, Justin Theroux, wants a New York style winter wedding.
Jennifer Anistone and Justin Theroux
But as any bride will agree is to have a magical setting, and we bet that nothing can be more magical than New York in the winter time. Rumors are making rounds that this couple is all set to tie the knot and their wedding is going to grand just like their magnificent diamond engagement ring. Undoubtedly the celebrity couple will have a picture-perfect white wedding.
Weddings are grand event for one and all. It all starts with mega-sized diamond or a gemstone ring on a fiancĂ©e’s ring finger and ends with the grand and exuberant ceremony.
If you are wondering why winter wedding sounds a good idea, its all because it can be both glam or frugal at the same time. It is so because mostly couples opt for a June wedding making prices higher due to the demand. So a word of advice for all the engaged couples is that one does not have to be a celebrity to pull off a magical winter wedding.
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You can have grand ceremony without the huge bill and then you can use the savings to buy genuine gemstone jewelry.


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