Fall Colors in Jewelry

Fall is already here and it is spreading the glory in every corner. While the nature is changing its shades, we can’t overlook the changing fashion. You know that Pantone always releases a color report for each season and so it did for fall.
The report states the following colors as the trendiest in this season
Colored Fashion styel
The palette states that the fall demands bright yet soft shades. The colors for autumn are generally very soothing and jewel-inspired. They are the shades that work for everyone. And they always shine amidst the season’s warmth.
As we said they are jewel-inspired then how can we stop ourselves from associating them to the wonderfully beaming beauties? Here is a small selection of jewels you’d surely like for the upcoming season. And the amazing thing about the jewels is that they are timeless and trendy.
Bright Chartreuse
Cushion Peridot and Round Diamond Border Ring
This Crown Ring holding a bold cushion peridot in a diamond halo is a perfect representation of the Chartreuse shade. You can choose this ring or any piece of pendant, earrings etc. in similar shade of peridot to be in line with the fall fashion.
Honey Gold
Cushion Citrine Dangle Earrings
Aren’t the citrine earrings an exact metaphor of the maple forest? The honey gold tone of these is a mega hit in the fall.
Pink Flambé
Round Pink Sapphire and Diamond Heart Pendant
This pink sapphire and diamond heart pendant has the shades of pink flambé to go pink this October.
Ultramarine Green
Oval Emerald and Diamond Vintage Ring
If a proposal is in line for the coming season, this emerald engagement ring is perfect for it.