Create a Piece of Jewelry That is Fit for a Celebrity

Create Piece of Jewelry for Celebrity
We have all spent at least a few minutes here and there dreaming of owning a wedding ring like Angelina Jolie’s or a huge platinum choker with a slider like the one Kim Kardashian has been seen wearing in photos. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the luxury of having a budget like theirs. For us this means dreaming may be as close as we will ever get to having anything even remotely close to these things. However, there are ways we can have pieces created that look just as glamorous. While it may not always be made of the same fine materials, there is no reason we cannot have jewelry that is equal in appearance.
Get Ideas from Magazines and Online
As mentioned above, most of our daydreams involve owning jewelry like the pieces showcased in magazines and celebrity images. A great strategy for designing a nice piece of jewelry is to focus on one idea at a time. Find one piece you truly love and visualize how you would look wearing it. Research less expensive ways to duplicate the piece you want. For example, you may not be able to buy a platinum choker that weighs almost a pound, but you can probably find some money in your budget to make a sterling silver one. The same goes for diamonds, you can always use cubic zirconia instead. Is it the same? Of course it isn’t! Nevertheless, will it look beautiful? At the end of the day, that is the most important thing.
Consider Using Your Existing Jewelry
Many more people than you might imagine have loose jewelry lying around their homes. Some of this jewelry could be broken, or just out of date. In fact, maybe you have some gold that you have not even looked at for years. This gold is not worthless just because you do not wear it anymore. Gold prices fluctuate, this much is true, but it is always worth something. There are dozens of sites online that allow you to sell gold for cash. You have two options here; you can sell the gold and put the money away to save toward your new piece, or you can use that gold to create something else.
Have Existing Pieces Melted Down
If platinum is what you are going for then you can forget about changing your gold into platinum because it is not going to happen, they are two very different metals. However, yellow gold can be turned to white gold, which is considered the next best thing to platinum. Take your gold jewelry and have it melted down and mixed with a bit of nickel and viola! You have white gold! The price to have this done may be a bit hefty but if you are able to achieve your goal and get your dream piece then you will probably think it was worth your effort. According to the jeweller you choose, it could wind up costing less than buying a brand new piece which has been marked up to retail price.