Prince Harry in Yet Another Scandal!

There was a news that Prince Harry was in Las Vegas and a magazine has published a few photographs of the Prince that are scandalous. Already he has a reputation as the party-loving Royal and we had reports that over the weekend, he was in Vegas almost the same time as Jennifer Lopez.
Prince Harry in Las VegasJennifer Lopez that time in Las Vegas
While we were busy reporting about the beautiful diamond ring on J Lo’s finger here are reports that Prince Harry had a really wild private party accompanied by a host of women.
Jennifer Lopez Diamond Ring 
Though a news report had mentioned that the 27-year-old was seen at the Wet Republic Ultra Pool at the MGM Grand Hotel acting like any normal guy. The report quoted a guest saying that Harry and his friends had a blow-up whale and that they were just fooling around. While another hotel guest had stated that when a few groups of women approached him he talked to them briefly, but he didn't really centered his attention on anyone.
Harry & His Friends Playing  Republic Ultra Pool at the MGM Grand Hotel
But a contrary report has come out recently which states that the Prince may have been a "gentleman" in the pool but got really wild in his hotel suite. These photos allegedly show Harry, in complete undress But as Harry's face is not clearly visible in the picture, so there is a chance that it may not be the Prince.
 Prince Harry is a 'Gentleman' in his Hotel Suite
This news report quotes a Royal Family representative’s statement that they did not have a comment to make on the photos at that time.
This is not the first time that Prince Harry is in the midst of scandal. He has earlier been in trouble for allegedly making racist remarks or for wearing a Nazi uniform at a fancy dress party just before the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. He has even admitted that he had smoked cannabis and drinking when he was under-age.
Prince Harry Wearing a Nazi Uniform at a Fancy Dress Party


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