Is Kate Expecting?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrated their first anniversary on Sunday. However, as the couple has decided to celebrate first year together away from the usual pomp and show and so the media has shifted their attention from the celebrations to speculation about Duchess of Cambridge and her pregnancy. So, like every expectant mother, Duchess of Cambridge will also have her some exquisite gemstone jewelry to mark the occasion.
kate-is-expecting Kate-Middleton-likes-to-be-pregnant
Some are referring to Kate’s habit of keeping her clutch in front of her tummy a ploy to conceal something. Even her recent choice of dresses that usually conceal the stomach again gives rise to rumors. She is lately choosing dresses that have peplum jacket or loose fit alluding to the speculations. Again there is also some news that she refused to have peanut butter on some occasion which is also a sign. However, whether she is or she isn’t pregnant but the way she and William coo over baby at event for South Pole trek soldiers, show that the royal pair will make natural parents.
For all those interested in the details The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were charmed by three-week-old baby Hugo Vicary. This cute little boy is the son of a soldier the couple met at an event they attended on Thursday. William held the infant in the crook of his right arm and looked down with loving eyes and was joined by Kate, who told the proud parents of the baby that their son is 'very cute'.
So while we will wait for the royal baby to come sometime in the near future. It is proved that royal heir to the throne will be lucky to have one of the most doting parents. Though, we are all eagerly waiting for the baby but the sources close to the royal couple say that Kate has got a lot on her plate now. Her immediate worry is about her siblings tarnishing her reputation. So, there is time before she begins thinking about starting a family.
Mother-and-Child-Pendant Mom-Heart-Pendant Mother-and-Child-Heart-Pendant-for-Mama
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