Enjoy A Look At The Les Misérables Trailer

Anne Hathaway Dazzled With Her Tanzanite JewelryIf you enjoyed Anne Hathaway performance at Oscars 2011 where she dazzled with her Tanzanite jewelry this one is just for you.

We all remember that she sang ‘On my Own’ which showed that she can hold a tune.

Anne Hathaway Movie Trailer In Upcoming Film

In this movie trailer we can see how she has put in her heart and soul practicing for her role in upcoming film.

It is heart rendering to see her singing her heart out... as ALL her hair is hacked off. This is the first look at the epic movie due to be out in December and stars Amanda Seyfried, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Eddie Redmayne alog with Hathaway.

This film has been adapted from the smash

This film has been adapted from the smash hit stage show. The show till date has been enacted in 42 countries around the world and has been seen by more than 60 million people in 21 languages. So, a critically acclaimed storyline has Hathaway playing, Fantine, who is an unfortunate French factory worker. She is forced to cut and sell her hair. Her troubles don’t end there she is also forced to become a prostitute in order to survive.

Hathaway Even Other Cast Members Have Also Sung

Interestingly in this movie not only Hathaway even other cast members have also sung their songs but according to the Movie’s Director Tom Hooper, Hathaway’s rendition of I Dreamed a Dream was simply awesome.

Policeman Javert & Ex-Prisoner Jean ValijeanAs for the story, Les Misérables, is all about a how a ruthless policeman Javert (Russell Crowe)is hunting for decades an ex-prisoner Jean Valjean, (Jackman) after he breaks parole.

Talking about the singing by the star cast, Jackman felt that singing live was actually easier as compared pretending that you are singing. In this movie directed by Oscar winning director all the dialogues in the film is sung live by the actors generally actors lip-sync to a pre-recorded track.

Please share your opinion what do you think of Anne Hathaway singing.


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