Cleopatra Emerald is the Largest Ever in History!!!

Is it real this time?

Reports are that a team of researchers recently discovered what some are calling the largest emerald in the world. However, as this newly discovered largest emerald “Cleopatra Emerald” is going up for sale there are again clouds of doubt if it is real. This huge gem has been named after Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt because it shares beauty and exquisiteness of the queen besides being her favorite gem.


This emerald weighs 40175-cts and shares a similar if not the same species as the famous Mogul emerald (217.80-cts), which Christie’s sold for $2.2 million.


But the official release released in this regard stated that to confirm the authenticity of the Cleopatra as an emerald, researchers analyzed its tone and light. The report stated that notwithstanding color enhancements, this stone displayed an uneven tone with some parts lighters and others darker. Based on these observations and other reasons, GIA graduates at have certified the Cleopatra as an emerald.

As for the value, on account of its rarity and beauty along with the Mogul as a basis for comparison, the Cleopatra’s value as per the gem experts will range approximately between $20 and $450 million. Those who have seen this Cleopatra emerald say that it also has a visually appealing deep green color akin to a Brazilian emerald.

The researchers who have found this gemstone claim that another point that makes the Cleopatra so unique is its weight along with its cut. It is said that emeralds are the most challenging of all gems to cut and it took over three months to cut the Cleopatra.

As already mentioned the Cleopatra was enhanced with oil treatment which is a common practice in treating emeralds. With controversy regarding Teodora Emerald still fresh in everyone’s mind, everyone is wondering if this one is real!!!