Kate Middleton’s first official speech look was inspired by mother Carole’s style

After the emerald green shades of St. Patrick’s Day, the Duchess of Cambridge returned to her favorite blue sapphire. No, no! We are not talking about the engagement ring. It is her favorite color for dresses.

Kate Middleton, for her first public speech as a royal family member, has opted for a royal blue Reiss dress.

The eloquent belted ensemble looked graceful. For the official opening of the East Angelia children’s Hospice at the Treehouse in Ipswich, Kate accessorized her fascinating blue looks with a pair gemstone dangle earrings and a diamond cross pendant. Of course her sapphire engagement ring was there at the proud position.

Kate's Mother Carole MiddletonKate Middleton's Mother Inspired Blue Dress

As it was her first public speech so she looked a bit nervous and probably got the confidence from her mother’s style. The dress Duchess wearing for the occasion was inspired by her mother Carole Middleton’s royal blue Reiss dress that she wore to Ascot in 2010. Earlier too Catherine wore her mother’s hat to the wedding of Nicholas van Cutsem in 2011.

It’s clear that Kate has inherited the style from her mother and Reiss designs are among her most liked looks.

From her engagement to this first official speech, we have seen an array of blue shades around the Duchess and it’s surprisingly wonderful that every style she wore was splendid and pristine. Whether she has inherited it from her mother or from her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, she exactly knows how to bring it to life.