Is This The Engagement Ring of Miley Cyrus!!

Is this the engagement ring!! No, sources say Hemsworth is not engaged!!!
All those who have watched “The Hunger Games” this weekend must have noticed Liam Hemsworth in the short but memorable role of Gale. Hot news that may break a few hearts is that probably Hemsworth is taking his nearly 3-year relationship with Miley Cyrus to the next level. However the sources close to the couple have said that they are not engaged!!!
But it is the sparkling gemstone ring on the former Hannah Montana star’s finger that has sparked off the engagement rumors. On Saturday Cyrus and Hemsworth were seen at Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XIII event in Phoenix, Ariz., wearing a huge new diamond ring on her wedding ring finger. Even a couple of days earlier the "Party in the U.S.A." singer had tweeted a photo of her left hand with the same mysterious diamond sparkler. Though the caption was all about her nail foundations but it strangely draws attention to the huge diamond ring. It is definitely a beautiful ring with a sparkling solitaire round cut diamond set in yellow gold.
Engaged or not we are sure that the couple is happy together. It has been an on and off relationship between Miley and Liam since 2009. However, at the moment it seems to be going strong as Miley was praising her Australian boyfriend at Los Angeles Premiere, of the movie. She said that she is thrilled for Liam's recent success. As for Liam himself, he is also very excited about the movie and has said that he is a fan of the books. He went on to add that he would be extremely happy to shoot the other two parts of the trilogy.
He informed that if the movie does as well as what everyone thinks it's going to, and then they are going to shoot the second part later on this year.


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