Our Picks for the Oscars 2012!

84th Academy Awards
As the race upto the Oscars 2012 is hotting up so, speculations are galore regarding who is going to take the golden statue home. This is going to be the final as well as the biggest event of the Oscar night. So as you prepare for the Day when the red carpet will sparkle with some beautiful gemstone earrings and shining emeralds and rubies with the diamonds lets brief you with the details of nominees for the six major categories at this year’s event.
Best Actor Nominated in Oscars 2012
Let’s start with the contenders vying for the ‘Best Actor’ trophy. The five names are Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Demain Bichir and Jean Dujardin. Though Clooney has been one of the most liked actors in the industry but may be this time around Pitt may just pit him off the race. We will have to mention Gary Oldman and Jean Dujardin as well both have a powerful performance to back their nominations but it remains to be seen who finally makes the big kill.
Best Actress Nominated in Oscars 2012
As for the leading ladies Maryl Streep may seem to be head and shoulder above the competition but one cannot ignore the powerful performance of Voila in The Help, even Michelle Williams and Rooney Mara cannot be ignored.
Best Supporting Actress Nominated in Oscars 2012
Best Supporting Actors Nominated in Oscars 2012
Next comes the two categories of the supporting actor and actresses, here again movies remain more or less the same only the names of actor and actresses have changed, in the men section, the five names are Kenneth Branagh, Jonah Hill, Nick Nolte, Christopher Plummer and Max von Sydow. It looks like this time Plummer may plum in the trophy for the Beginners, though Jonah Hill and Kenneth Branagh are also close at heels so it will only be clear on February 26 who gets Oscar finally. Moving on to the Actress in the supporting role Octavia Spencer with her role in The Help is speculated to be the winner, though her co crew member Jessica Chastain and Melissa McCarthy for her role in Bridesmaids may just tip her of off even Berenice Bejo with her performance in The Artist have impressed many critics.
Best Directors Nominated in Oscars 2012
Next come the big one, in the best director category we have some big names Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris, Alexander Payne for the Descendants, Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist , Terrence Mallick for The tree of Life and Martin Scorsese for Hogo. Here The Artist director is slightly in a stronger position followed by Scorsese for his direction in Hogo, but Oscars are known for surprises so, we can never be too sure.
Best Films Nominated in Oscars 2012
Finally for best film The Artist it seems like it is going to be a cake walk for this film, liked by one and all the movie is simply memorable. Though at the Golden Globes this film had to share the honor with the Descendants and Tradition says that the Globes are a barometer for how the Academy will vote. So, will we have A Tie here!!! You never know!!! It may even not come in as a surprise if The Help wins because The Academy known for loving a heartwarming tale of redemption and social justice.


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