Berenice Bejo’s fresh minty and emerald looks at Oscars 2012

Oscars 2012 has showed varied flamboyant hues. Though black and white with silver and grey were the most selected colors yet the freshness of mint and green can’t be overlooked.
The Artist’s Berenice Bejo has filled the ambience with her refreshing minty look. She picked her favorite designer Elie Saab for the celebrity looks and added the natural tones of emerald to the style.
Oscars 2012: Berenice Bejo
Her ultra-chic long-sleeved minty floor sweeping gown with intricate beading made a ravishing spring pastel arrival at the red carpet. The extravagant dangling emerald earrings and much radiant diamond ring of Bejo were artistically completing her classic retro fashionista looks. She was the picture of poise at the red carpet and her minty beaded clutch was a perfect match to her painstakingly crafted couture piece.
Marquise and Square Emerald Dangling Earrings Round Diamond Flower Ring in 14k White Gold
Undoubtedly Bejo kept the season’s minimal jewelry trend in limelight but she did it with élan. Her drop earrings and lustrous ring were designed in coordination with the glittering night. Bejo was not alone to wear emerald jewelry. The Oscar nominee Viola Davis also picked some large emeralds for the evening.
Viola Davis – 2012 Oscars
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