Engagement rings for Men or Mangagement rings

Have you heard about the fine jewelry engagement rings for men or should I say Man-gagement rings? This is not a new thing in South America and some Northern European countries but is a novel idea in the United States.
These fine jewelry engagement rings are also known as Mangagement rings and the trend of these rings is gaining fame. Even celebrities are catching up with the idea of an engagement ring for man. One of the latest examples of this upcoming trend is Canadian Crooner Michael Buble who is engaged to Argentine actress Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre.
Buble was spotted wearing an engagement ring or it’s better to say he was proudly showing off his white gold engagement band. It is not a sparkling diamond ring but it’s simple and elegant and matching perfectly with Michael’s personality.
Man-gagement rings might be a weird idea for some but many couple thinks dual engagement rings are great thought to show their status as ‘taken’. In fact they are the great way to show the world that you are in relation and value the tradition. After all boys can also have some fun (and jewelry)!


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