Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress and Tiara

The world witnessed the Wedding of the Century yesterday. And, the most talked about subject was the Wedding Dress of Kate Middleton or shall we call Her Royal Highness Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

She looked absolutely stunning! Her wedding dress was something every girl would dream of! As many did speculate, her beautiful dress was designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen’s. The long and sheer veil, the hand embroidered sleeves, and about 6 feet long train – everything about the dress showcased a mix of tradition and modernity.

And, talking about her wedding dress, how can we not talk about the tiara. The tiara that Kate wore is the famous Cartier’s Halo Tiara of queen, borrowed for this special occasion. It was actually made in 1936, and Queen’s Father King George VI (remember The King’s Speech) gifted Queen’s Mother three weeks before he took over the throne. Gifted to the Queen on her 18th birthday.

Kate Middleton's tiara

Set with baguette cut old diamonds, and with its floral formations, the tiara looks absolutely gorgeous. The diamond earrings  that Kate wore on this special day were gifted by her parents and were specially designed to complement the tiara.

Nothing to fall short of a Fairytale Wedding!


Lovera | Your Way to Radiant and Beautiful Skin said...

I watched their wedding,Kate is so pretty on her wedding dress :)

Erica Abbiss-Biro said...

I agree it was a stunning tiara! My latest blog covers the history of it and those worn by other members of the royal family if you are interested?
Erica x

Wholesale Jewelry said...

Yeah, for sure it was not less than a fairy tale wedding. Even I have observed that Kate and William both have become more graceful and elegant after the marriage. really!

Best wishes for them!

Charm Bracelets said...

I really likes her dress and her look.She was not overdressed like many brides studded with heavy jewelry.Just the right set to make you look good is what is necessary.Loved her earrings.

beach wedding invitation said...

that is the best wedding present ever!! beautiful and super cute kate middleton!!!!! :)

diamond jewelry said...

she is looking so pretty in that wedding dress..... awesome design....