Its April – The Month of Diamonds!

We women really do not need a reason to love our diamonds. Just the fact that these brilliant gemstones are called diamonds make them our best friends. And, we can’t  complain if men think that we are obsessed with it. ‘Coz its the ugly truth .. want to show us your love, show us the diamonds.

April birthstone diamond

The reason I am going on and on about diamonds is that .. Its April! The Month of Diamonds!. And, even though I am not an April born myself, I am very much looking forward to getting myself a pair of small diamond earrings, or may be a pendant – after all, it is the birthstone of this month.

So go ahead my dear ladies, treat yourself to a beautiful diamond this month because you deserve it. And all the gentlemen out there, shower that special woman in your life with a piece of diamond jewelry. It need not be a big one (not that we would mind big), but just a token to say you lover her, to say that you care :)


Erica Abbiss-Biro said...

It is true; nothing sparkles like a diamond. I would recommend stud earrings as a 'first diamonds' purchase. A jewellery box staple, timeless, classy and instantly noticable. Enjoy wearing them!

Liha said...

<3 Love anything that sparkles!

Liha K.

Bliss Ellison said...

Not really earrings but I would like to have a little pendant as my first diamond purchase.
By the way I was never known before that April is the diamonds month.

Dennis said...

Love diamonds! Most beautiful stone!