All about March Birthstone – Aquamarine

Origin of Name

You see a gemstone and the first thing you notice is its color and may be that is why a lot of gems have their names that is somehow or the other symbolic of their color. In this particular gemstone, the word Aquamarine comes from Latin words Aqua – water and Mare – Sea.


Light blue color of the sky, deep blue of the ocean or the typical blue green of aquamarines, the wide color range of these rocks makes it a favorite amongst jewelry designers and have attracted women for centuries.

March Birthstone

This birthstone of March is also the Zodiac stone for the ‘Scorpio’. It is also the anniversary stone symbolic of 19 years of marriage. Legends hold that aquamarine was treasured by mermaids and protected sailors on their voyages. Aquamarine is also held symbolic of friendship, harmony and trust.

The Gemstone

Aquamarine belongs to the same family of gems as Emerald; Beryl. These gems score 7.5 – 8 on Mohs’ Scale of Hardness compare to 6.5 of Emeralds which makes these blue hued gems a great choice for all kinds of jewelry.


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